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How would you go upon removing acrylic nails?

Asked by AlyxCaitlin (936points) October 4th, 2009

I know the one way which is waiting until your nails grow and you painfully wait and tear them off. But I want a better way, so is there one? And I can’t make the stop into going into the nail salon and doing it ):

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Mine always came off if I soaked my hands in hot water.

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Here are some more ways and tips. I think the best one was to soak them in pure acetone (not just regular nail polish remover).

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They sell a solution at any local drugstore. It’s specifically for removing them. It’s the least painful way.

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I’ve had them before and to remove them I either soaked them and plucked them off or just wait til a few started to get loose. I’d pop those off and then pry off the other ones. It always worked fine, and then I buff my nails so they don’t look all nasty but they’re usually extremely thin for a while. I hate that.

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@deni I know I hate that too! My nails feel ruined

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@AlyxCaitlin eWWW i know its just like you can bend them in half they’re all flimsy and nasty :(

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@deni hahaha this is going to suck having to go through this again

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leave them in somebody’s back?

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Don’t pluck them off, it damages your nails. Get some pure acetone. I think they sell it in most retail stores now with fingernail polish. Or you can get it at the hardware store. Pour enough in a GLASS bowl to cover your nails and plan to sit there for about forty five minutes to an hour. Don’t pull them out to check the progress, because that will make it take longer. If you have one of those coffee warmer things that you sit your cup on to keep it warm you can sit the bowl of acetone on that and it will also speed up the process. I used to be a manicurist, and I wouldn’t recommend pulling them off, not only does it hurt but you can pull several layers of your real nail off and it takes a long time for them to grow back.

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@knitfroggy yeah, it took mine forever to grow back the first time i got fake nails and pulled them off. i tried to let them soak but i was wayyy too impatient. my nails were awful for at least a month or so after that. even when they got longer they were so thin i could bend them…eeeeeek gives me chills to think about lol

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