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How good is for classical music?

Asked by blenson (22points) January 29th, 2008 is a cool website that provides customized “radio stations” of streaming audio.

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It is currently about 70% of the way there. It misses the some of the subtle nuances of what separates music genre from music genre. Also, the fact that it will play a single movement of a concerto or symphony disqualifies it for really knowledgeable listeners. But it is also possible to discover some interesting works as they enter the stream.

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i recommend by far my favorite online radio. Works much like pandora but to my experience its much better and has a downloadable program that can be used straight from your desktop. It also doesnt have an sort of limitation on how many times you can skip which is nice.

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Strangely enough, I have found Rhapsody – offered free by Comcast, small fee otherwise – to have a vast selection of classical music and the ability to play full scores easily. This is a RealNetworks product. The only disadvantage – which I do not understand why it can’t be fixed – is that Microsoft Media Player 10 must be used – you can’t upgrade to whtever the current version, making it difficult to get streaming video/audio from some websites now.

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Pandora was good, until they were forced to remove music playing features to the whole world except the US

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Though this isn’t really an answer to the question, I’d suggest that people stop discussing one online radio station over the other and really answer the question whether Pandora offers much classical music.

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@vincentt the first answer really answered the question as to how good it is. So that is why it went on to talking about other online radio stations because as blenson said, pandora isnt all that great. And that is why we recommended other stations.

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