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Can't find the music player on my wix website!

Asked by pcmonkey (424points) October 16th, 2011

My website, is continuously playing Katy Perry’s song automatically! But I have no idea where the music player is!! I can’t just delete everything but I can’t deal with that music.. If you could locate the music player on my website or tell me how on earth to make the music stop, please be my guest. Thanks so much to anyone who can help me.

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Yes, I know it needs some work, don’t judge me.

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Have you tried inquiring on Wix’s support site or contacting their tech support directly?

It looks like their site-building infrastructure is proprietary and probably secret, so it’s unlikely that anyone here will know how to fix it.

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From Wix Support Site:
Simply remove the player from the page. Also- if you want to delete the songs from your account you can go to “My Files” -> “Music“and delete them.

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