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What are the 2 most dangerous things you do during the daytime, and then also, 2 for the nighttime?

Asked by virtualist (2452points) October 6th, 2009

Obviously we should be driving safer cars and driving slower and wearing seatbelts.

Obviously we should be, dietarily , somewhere between an ascetic vegan on the verge of starvation and the pseudo-obese,overweight slug that we find ourselves to be most of the time….

…. I’m after the ’ other stuff ’ .... our more hidden dangers !

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Smoking and dancing with the pixies in the back yard.

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Driving a car IS dangerous. My husband always says that besides driving your own car, you have to drive everyone else’s, too. You never know what the other person is going to do.

And night is the same way for me. I hit a big deer almost a year ago & totaled my car. Night driving now makes me slow down & watch the ditches & the sides of the roads. We live in a rural state where the harvest season makes driving dangerous. The deer population is huge & they move around a lot now. Tractors & huge equipment are everywhere. It makes me very nervous.

I feel safe with everything else I do & what happens around me.

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Definitely DRIVING, considering I probably drive on average about 400 miles a week… and probably human interaction in general. Only god knows what that will lead to half the time!

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Commuting 20 miles by bike everyday. I have so many near hits from drivers not paying attention or not allowing me enough space.

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Doing nothing at all can be quite dangerous.

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Day: Play with hand grenades and toddlers.
Night: Play with hand grenades and toddlers in the dark…

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