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If murder was legal for a day, would you do it?

Asked by Deepness (1145points) October 7th, 2009

There would have to be justifiable reasons (person killed or raped, your wife, daughter, or loved one). Or something along those lines. Would ya do it? Huh? Huh? Wouldja?

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Oh God no.

I’ll leave just desserts to the big guy.

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Isn’t that just called the Death Penalty?

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Nope. I believe life and death decisions should be left up to God alone. I may pistol whip them though ;)

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@BBSDTfamily So you are against capital punishment, is that what you are saying?

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That sounds more like a planned murder. No, I wouldn’t do that. Personal revenge is a part of the things that makes a free society terrible. A vendetta is a sharp boomerang.

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No, but in the case of a couple of people, it would be pretty damned tempting!!!

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Dog abusers and torturers. In most countries they get away with fines and, at best, very short jail sentences. One day to restore a bit of justice would still be grossly insufficient but at least it would be a start.

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Making something legal doesn’t necessarily make it moral.

Making something illegal doesn’t necessarily make it immoral.

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I’m tempted to say yes, since I know some genuinely heinous pieces of human garbage. It would save the taxpayers a lot of money, but that would also lessen my job security of babysitting these losers.

So I would agree with @BBSDTfamily and vote for pistol whipping. Daily.

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Well to say murder might be ‘legal for a day’, I’m getting the implication that it’d be legal for everyone- so I wouldn’t even leave the house. I’m sure some asshole would just be going on a rampage just because they could.
If the question is really asking ‘would you kill someone/people if there we no legal reactions’ then my answer would be most likely not unless they were an immediate threat to someone I loved or myself.

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Yes! President Biden 2009!

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do i have to have a reason?

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No, as it isn’t the law that stops me. Any reasonably intelligent person can get away with murder with a little careful planning.

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No. My 12-year-old self would want to murder 4 people. But now that I’m older, I recognize that those people’s heads were so messed up that that their behavior toward others was the only psychologically lawful outcome and I can’t take things they did to me personally.

When I was 13, after a particularly egregious incident, as one of those people slept, it took everything I had in me not to smother that person to death with a pillow. I literally had to leave the house and remind myself that no one was worth killing and going to juvie or possibly prison for and that in a few years I could leave and never go back.

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….I would just be hiding my ass for the 24 hours…... as would anybody else with any brains…....... hence only the dumb-ass psychotics would be killing each other off !

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@virtualist raises a good point. If murder were made illlegal that would mean that somebody who has a bone to pick with me might just come after me. GA

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It’s still in the 10 Commandments, so no. But I do know some people who need a bloody, painful death.

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hhhhmmm i doubt it as i dont have that much of a grudge against anyone….had you asked me when i was 16 though and i could a given you a list and made a day of it

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Only if it was in the line of duty and it was under circumstances that warranted the use of deadly force. (I’m in a law enforcement career field)

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I don’t think I could do it, but I really haven’t had a reason yet. If I were, there would have to be a reason, like if I had a child, and somebody physically hurt them. I wouldn’t want my child to know that that person was out on the streets, and could hurt somebody else’s child.

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Did @Noel_S_Leitmotiv just say he would kill president Obama?

Hello, Secret Service!

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I’m sorry, but if I knew someone that murdered or raped my loved one, and got away with it, I sure as hell would kill them. Fuck morals on that one, sorry.

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Regardless of the law allowing me to murder someone, no, I still wouldn’t. I doubt it’d give me any satisfaction. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Even if the person did kill someone, seeking revenge on them doesn’t mean I have to murder them. I’d rather see them sit their ass in a cell for a life sentence and rot :)

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@poofandmook you make a good point. I think I would have to also.

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@poofandmook and @JONESGH, what happens when your vengeance victim’s family wants revenge on you?

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@Qingu Hopefully by the time they found out I was the one who did it, legal murder day would be over :P

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Definitely not. Even if I killed someone who “deserved” it, I’d feel so guilty for the rest of my life I don’t think I could possibly live with myself. Two wrongs don’t make a right. not even the person who molested me

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Well, isn’t it? The death penalty is killing someone “legally” but with a “justified reason” such as they murdered someone.

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There are plenty of people I’m tired of dealing with, but not enough to end their lives.

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I don’t avoid murder now because it’s illegal; I don’t kill people because it’s wrong to end a life against a person’s will.

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No, it’s still wrong.

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@drdoombot and yet its wrong to end someones life via their own will, which only furthers the concept of “we only live to further our existence”

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I would do it 6 times. Maybe 8 if the first 6 were fun. But you’d have to tell me the date in advance so I can learn to shoot first. I’d like it to be clean and simple. Headshots all around.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv :: So you would assassinate the president if you could get away with it? Good to know.

Noel_S_Leitmotiv's avatar

Seriously? no I would not as it would accomplish more harm than good:

My intent would be to terminate a President with before unseen destructive intent for his country.

But that’s not how things would play out: Even though it isn’t a factor whatsoever, it would be reported and seen that my motivation was racial.

This would perpetuate and grow the racial bullshit that holds my country back.

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Just to be clear, @Noel_S_Leitmotiv, are you saying you would kill Obama if (1) you could get away with it, and (2) nobody would call you a racist?


Noel_S_Leitmotiv's avatar

Im not concerned about how I’m individually viewed based on what I’d do given the OP’s question.

I sincerely feel his being cut down would do more harm than good.

The OP asked what the OP asked. Are you suggesting I lie?

Explain to us how my answer is any less acceptable than anyone elses.

The OP didn’t use the word ‘hypothetical’, however….

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv You cant be against Obama politically and not be a racist…. I’ve tried… just doesnt work around here.

Qingu's avatar

@kibaxcheza, I don’t think most people who oppose Obama politically are racist. But since the “reasons” for opposing him politically are so asinine, I can certainly understand why people would assume a deeper motivation.

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Well, I… don’t think I agree with Obama’s politics because he is black.

Noel_S_Leitmotiv's avatar

@kibaxcheza: I’m glad you get it. France, Germany, Uk, Italy, Australia (yes you @DarkScribe) etc. where’s your black President?

@Qingu: Your thinking is completely backwards.

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where is your female president?

Noel_S_Leitmotiv's avatar

@ragingloli: I would have so voted for Liddy Dole, I might get my chance to vote for Sarah Palin though she isn’t my first choice.

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I would not.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv I’m glad you get it. France, Germany, Uk, Italy, Australia (yes you @DarkScribe) etc. where’s your black President?

You don’t know very much about the world outside your very inaccurate and narrow view of the US do you? We don’t have presidents, but we do have black politicians, (and Asian, and European, etc.)

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If, and that’s a big if, someone raped or murdered a loved one, I would give it serious thought. I don’t know if I’d go through with it, especially if I didn’t have 100% proof, like being a witness myself. But, I’m not going to lie, it would be tempting. If it was my child, I’d have to almost guarantee it. I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

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The only way I’d ever kill someone would be to stop someone caught in the act of hurting/killing me or someone else. Never after the fact, never for revenge.

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I wouldn’t go so far as to kill someone but in my mind there’s a couple of people that i would beat within an inch of their lives. However since it is more of an outlet thing in thought form i probably would not go through with it.

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@ragingloli what are you talking about…. john kerry was almost pres. ZING
but yeah, we have lady senators and reps, that close enough to English parliament/legislature. They cant claim to have elected their queen…. as thats kinda a blood thing…. I dono where you live so i dono your Govt. enough to make further comparison.

@Qingu Tech, every political view could be scene as asinine. I say i favor abortion because dead babies are better than broken life babies. You say no abortion because murder is murder. I say give me my guns, they offer protection. You say no guns, they kill people. I say if guns kill people than silver ware made America fat….
The fact of the matter is, Obama is a horrible president. He spends more time on TV doing commercials and talk shows than he does delegatin shit. He has a super majority in the legislature, he can stop filibusters, pass anything he wants, and basically run shit. But instead he goes to try to get the Olympics to come here ( which after construction and expenses, we would have lost money, as is the trend with areas that dont have the facilities already in place [look at China]). Not only that but his “bail out” only weakened the economy. You can just print money and expect things to get better…. thats called inflation, look at post WWI Germany to see how that one ends.
Point: Obama isnt a bad leader because hes black….. hes a bad leader because of the choices hes made and priories he has. Do i think McCain would have done better? Hell no. WE need to fire Obama, tell McCain to stay the fuck in the Senate or whatever, and find us some competent presidents.

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@kibaxcheza The English also have a Prime Minister who is similar to our President.

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No two democracies are the same really.

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I’m not murdering anyone. Even fantasizing about it is damaging.

kibaxcheza's avatar

@Sarcasm i was writing in haste, so i only included a few details. Good catch though.

@The_Compassionate_Heretic Boo hoo? lol

@oratio Very true my friend.

Noel_S_Leitmotiv's avatar

Nice try @DarkScribe. I used ‘President’ as a generic term. I should have said ‘leader’ as far as that is accurate. The question still stands.

kibaxcheza's avatar

US Mexico Brazil (actually most of south and central America). Most of Africa, France, Finland, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Italy….. the list goes on… all have “presidents”.
President, is nearly synonymous with “person of power. You say that we dont know what were talking about just because were young? I say you think you know everything just because youre old.

DarkScribe's avatar

@Noel_S_Leitmotiv I used ‘President’ as a generic term

No you didn’t.

kibaxcheza's avatar

Are you seriously telling him what he did or didnt mean by his own text?

DarkScribe's avatar

@kibaxcheza Are you seriously telling him what he did or didn’t mean by his own text?

No, I am refusing to believe his excusatory comment about his post. “President” isn’t a generic term, and I can’t imagine anyone who would consider it to be so. His knowledge of political systems, current events and history is abysmal, yet he keeps posting jingoistic trash.

kibaxcheza's avatar

( you dont have to restate everything you comment on)

wow….. all that makes me think of is “NO, these are MY MACHINES”.... are all adults reduced to children once they hit 50 or what…

and even if you take it as he ment “president” then how do you get passed my point. Unless you can convince everyone otherwise, then youre still at a loss….

DarkScribe's avatar

@kibaxcheza ( you dont have to restate everything you comment on)

I don’t have to do anything – for clarity I choose to do so.

and even if you take it as he ment “president” then how do you get passed my point. Unless you can convince everyone otherwise, then youre still at a loss….

What point? I have yet to see a “point” from you. Are you posting under more than one nick?

kibaxcheza's avatar

@DarkScribe do you see the internet in braille? look right above your third post from the bottom…..

DarkScribe's avatar

@kibaxcheza DarkScribe do you see the internet in braille? look right above your third post from the bottom…..

I still see no “point”. I see a nonsense response to something that wasn’t said by someone who wasn’t being addressed. That is why I asked whether you had “socked up”.

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so it wasnt said by me?... interesting.
and it does have a point. More than ½ the world has a seat of high political power with the label of “president”.
Its like how people call all soda “coke” or all forms of potato/corn chips “chips”, or that we are the only place that is called simply “America” when we are the United States of America and there are many other territories included in the Americas.
It is a term that is accepted as Synonymous, even though its not true by definition.
Maybe if you didnt watch so much CW and listen to Brittany Spears, you would know about the changing word and the drift to American English ( not to be confused with Hillbilly, Inner street slang, Spanglish, or Engrish).

And i ask you, a stone cast from a 3rd party. Is it not just a deadly, just as threatening, just as important? Or would you rather be felled by an opponent just because it isnt your declared enemy?

Im done with you. You have yet to provide anything of worth to me, yet you try to find my faults and ignore youre oh so prominent ones.

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Nope. Legal or not, it’s still morally wrong. Doesn’t mean everyone else agrees with me, but what others would do is kinda beside the point here.

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sure, haha… however, I must say I never thought of this question seriously, so ‘sure’ sounds like an answer as serious as the question posed (or with the lack of seriousness)...besides war and the death penalty, murder would never be legalized——not even for a day or an hour

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Gadzooks! You actually believe people will limit themselves to that? I will be in my basement hunkered down with a shot gun and several boxes of shells until that day passed.

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