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What is the best way to dry flowers?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) January 30th, 2008

when they start getting wilty, i’ve been hanging them upside down to dry. that’s worked all right with roses and carnations don’t look horrible. but now i have some stargazer lilies and i’m pretty sure that method’s not going to work. i was thinking about pressing them, but i have not had much success with that in the past (esp since these are white). also, any suggestions on what to do with dried flowers? i keep adding them to the same vase as one big arrangement.

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You could use the heads or petals of flowers in a container with aromatic oils as potpourri. I’ve used dried flower to make my own cards, too.

I don’t think you can dry stargazers, but I could be wrong.

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I personally have only ever dried roses upside down, but apparently there are many many more ways to preserve flowers. Read about them here:

Let us know how it goes!

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i have used some sort of product to dry flowers before. it worked all right, but i had a hard time getting the flowers out without destroying them. perhaps i left them in too long?

update on stargazers: i tried hanging them. the leaves were not doing well. as they dried, they become a strange yellowy-brown color. so i’ve removed the leaves. the lilies aren’t looking too bad. the petals are curling and yellowing some, but most are not unattractive. the blooms that had not yet opened were drying very slowly, so i gently pulled them open and now they seem to be drying pretty well. i have high hopes that at least a few of the flowers will make it through the whole drying process.

now i have calla lilies! i LOVE that my fiancee brings me flowers so often, but i wish i had a better way of “keeping” them. maybe i’ll take up photography and create some sort of collage :D

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