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From where is this quote from?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) October 7th, 2009

Here’s the quote, I was wondering if it was from a song or any sort.

Quote: “We’re a city of aliens. Pretending to be people we’re not until we’re comfortable enough with each other to be who we are. So only you know who I am.”

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I googled
apparently it’s everywhere.

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“from where is this quote?”
“where is this quote from?”

“from – where – from” is redundant

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@hannahsugs Like omg, I’m like totally sorry for being redundant and not like a total smart ass in grammar and what not.

Yeah, so Where is this quote from >.>

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@hannahsugs Like omg, I’m like totally sorry for being redundant and not like a total smart ass in grammar and what not.

I’m trying to decide whether you’re smart or an ass.

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Gotta love people like @xTheDreamer who are sarcastic but still want help!

Sarcasm is the death of honest interaction. -drdoombot

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@drdoombot “assumption is the mother of all fuckups”. -Random bad guy in Under Siege 2. To be honest your quote is much better.. i just love that line from US2

That quote is from the collective formed to bring you I wrote this for you

I Wrote This For You is a series of micro-stories about a character called “You.”

It is not an advice column.

I Wrote This For You was started in July of 2007 by Iain Thomas and Jon Ellis, who met one day in a shady backroom on the internet, although they’ve never actually met in real life.

The main reason behind this is that the words (Iain Thomas) live in South Africa while the pictures (Jon Ellis) live in Japan. Naturally, this makes it hard to pop round for a cup of tea.

I Wrote This For You is published 5 days a week except around about Christmas time when everyone takes a well deserved break.

“Iain Thomas… and his blog partner Jon Ellis have never met, but they produce one of the most elegant blogs in the world, in my opinion: “I WROTE THIS FOR YOU”

It’s uncommonly simple and surprisingly powerful, because each entry is a magical photo by Jon, who lives in Japan, accompanied by a wonderfully spare caption by Iain, who lives in South Africa. His words are written in a way that is ambiguous, seemingly random, yet somehow this uncertainty allows us to inject our own meaning into the words and picture. And this simple combination likewise allows everyone to connect with it in their own way. That’s what elegance is: the ability to create what appears to be a simple, seemingly incomplete story but that fosters multiple meanings while achieving universal resonance. “

Finalist Best Original Writing/Personal Blog 2009 Blog Awards
Winner Best Photography 2009 National Blog Awards

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@Dr_C Now that is something that I wanted to know, thank you.

@FutureMemory Who are you talking about? If you’re talking about me then I hope you make the right decision to what I am(:

@drdoombot ;) That’s the way I roll haha

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“That’s the Way I Roll” is from a T-shirt by Wil Wheaton. He leaves off the “haha” but does include a graphic of rolling dice.

I hope I was helpful. :^>

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@everyone lmfao and @FutureMemory I was wondering the same thing.
@xTheDreamer we use the ~ for sarcasm. (:

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@xTheDreamer: One too many “from’s.” And linguistically, since I know you’re so receptive, you are a “who” and not a “what.” If you roll too much, you may roll off the collective’s home base.

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I’m sorry. The shirt was “That’s how I roll”. Sheesh, Cyndy, seriously! When I get really tired it’s more like, “That is the way that I tumble”. Goodness me.

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@gailcalled Yeah, yeah I know. I’m not from America so my English is not perfect, please bare with me. Thanks for the correction anyway…

@cyndihugs Thanks for the info on the ~

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@xTheDreame: All is forgiven. What’s your first language? I find it depressing, myself, when non-native speakers handle English so beautifully. (So, I will bear with you, l like grizzly bears, when I take off all my clothes, I am bare, and when I am candid, I bare my soul. It is bloody confusing, I know.)

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@xTheDreamer My first language is Papiamento but it’s tied with Dutch they’re both sort of our first language.

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Do you live on one of the Dutch Antilles islands? I remember that folks spoke Papiamento in Aruba when I was there years ago. It was gorgeous and sparsely populated then. Empty beaches with sand like confectioner’s sugar and the Divi-divi trees all pointing in the same direction…due to the trade winds, I think.

(Did you mean to address your remarks to yourself or to me?)

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@gailcalled Yeah I do live on one of the Dutch Antilles, Aruba to be exact hehe.

to myself

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@xTheDreamer: And you speak to yourself in which language?

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