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What ringtone is the loudest?

Asked by peggylou (1138points) January 30th, 2008 from iPhone

I can never hear my cellphone ring. I’ve tried every ring on my iPhone but none are loud enough. So I’m ready to download one. Any good suggestions for a tune that rings very loud?

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The loudness is only going to be determined by the volume control.

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I mean, does anyone have a suggestion as to what ringtone (or song) is particularly louder than another. Usually, a ringtone in a higher register is easier to hear. Or, a song like James Brown’s “Shout” may be louder than a violin piece. I’ve already got my volume as loud as it will go. Any other ideas?

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I made a custom ringtone for by wife – an old Belgian phone ringing – and edited the file in an audio-editing program to boost its volume.

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I’ve found the “Old Phone” ringtone can really “cut through” when the ringer volume is turned up all the way.

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