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Anybody out there know of anything new to read about the possibility that voting machine fraud in Florida and Ohio played a part in the outcomes of the last two presidential elections?

Asked by blenson (22points) January 30th, 2008
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Your question seems to betray an inherent bias. Why are you only concerned about the last two elections?

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Okay, make it wider. I’d rather “die boldly” than diebold.

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Check out and read the archives. Also you can get more info at AOL’s Research and Learn area. Type in “VOTE SCAM”. There is a book out by that name and it really tells alot about the Diebold machines and how they can be pre-set to read some votes but not others. The authers of the book sent me a letter (after I baught the book) and told me how to shut the machine down by putting certain write-ins and voteing for certain people. I did it and after a dozen more ballets were put into the machine it quit. I waitted around and a tech came opened the machine up took the jammed ballets out and put them in a garbage bag. I fallowed him out the door and he threw the bag of ballets into a DUMPSTER outside. I got the bag and took it back in and gave it to one of the guys in charge and HE said He would take care of it. He probably threw it back into the dumpster—- who knows. The whole voteing thing is a scam to make US low lifes “Think” we are doing something good by voteing when in fact WE have NO SAY. Check it out.

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