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IPhone 3gS vs blackberry 8900?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) October 10th, 2009 from iPhone

Ok, so I have a blackberry 8900 unlocked and on pay as you go, which means I can’t use instant messengers because I don’t have the blackberry data plan, but I do have data plan. Also I have an iPod touch 2nd Gen 16 gb. But I was thinking on getting the iPhone 3gS unlocked and sell my touch and 8900, so my question is this: would you rather have the iPhone 3gS or the iPod touch and the blackberry 8900? Which is better if you’re on pay as you go?

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oviously a blackberry 8900.i heard iphone 3g’s break easily.

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If you have an iPod Touch and an 8900 you have all the benefits that a 3gS can possibly offer, but with a better telephone, and no reason to tie yourself to the repugnant and second-rate AT&T.

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isn’t this like asking whether to get an iPod or a zune (whatever that is)?

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I have a 3gs and it is wonderful. I only carry one device, and it is solid as a rock. Can’t imagine living without it- even if I had a blackberry and an itouch.

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