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For pregnant women: Do you think being in really good physical shape would contribute to a relatively easier labor and delivery?

Asked by Val123 (12734points) October 12th, 2009

I do!

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Not being a woman, but understanding endurance.
I would think it would be.

Being use to the, no pain no gain way of thinking. Giving birth would just be another day of working out.

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Yes I think so, get that pelvic floor going into overdrive!!

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@ChazMaz Oh my! Not! And I was in peak physical condition AND I can handle a lot of pain. But there is nothing to compare to the contractions at the end. I don’t know that my condition made the pain less, but I think it made the labor go faster so I spent less time in pain.

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They say it does, but I know plenty of overweight out of shape women who had much easier labors than I did with my first. That being said, just because I am thin does not mean I am shape.
I gained a lot of fat while pregnant. Everyone was always saying “you’re all belly!” but after I gave birth, the size of my arms and legs told the truth. I’ve talked to other mothers about this, and the illusion that we only have large bellies but then we give birth and we’re big all over. That stomach makes everything look small in comparison lol

I think I’m in much better shape this time around. I exercise quite often, and don’t eat 24/7 (even though I want to.)
I think how you take care of yourself during pregnancy has a lot to do with the labor, and I’m hoping since I’m not being lazy this time around (not by choice…I have a toddler to care for) that it’ll help the labor not be so long, or so painful.

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Generally, probably so. However, every person is different. I have never been in shape, and my labors and deliveries were a piece of cake compared to others I’ve heard about! My longest labor was 12 hours, start to finish (shortest was only 5 hours, start to finish), and each of my 3 children were pushed out in 3 contractions.

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@augustlan Cool beans! My labors were quick, quick too. Three hours. Hail. I was walking around, dilated at 5 for two weeks before I went into labor! I was afraid the baby was gonna fall out onto the grass when I was mowing! I remember, with the second one, when I went in, they wanted me to wait for my initial check because they were in the middle of shift change. My husband said, “Well. OK. But she’s probably at 9.” They just laughed. Until they checked. Shit started flying everywhere! They’re looking at me saying “Why are you being so quiet????” I just said, “IDK!” When I told them I wanted to walk to the delivery room they looked at me like I was crazy. I couldn’t figure out what they were freaking out about. Up until the transition contractions it was really a piece of cake. After that, though, OMG!!! I think I had, at the most, 5 contractions, but OMG!!

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