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Why do you enjoy or dislike your job?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38932points) October 14th, 2009

You don’t have to tell me flat out what it is you do but I am interested in figuring out whether there are more of us that like our jobs or whether many of us dislike what we do for a living – I understand that many of us aren’t in the careers we once imagined ourselves to be, is that a positive for you? is something preventing you from your ‘perfect calling’? if you dislike your job, is there anything you’re trying to do about it? if you like your job, can you tell me why?

the job I have now is not a job that existed before this year for any of the organizations that were involved in putting it a way it is a job that crystallizes the failure of our healthcare system to meet the needs of newly diagnosed cancer patients…in some ways the point of my job is to eliminate my job, if that makes sense, because if my experience and observations lead doctors to be better providers of care and information and advocacy for their patients, then all is well…I never thought I’d do a job like this but I realize now how much my life experiences have all led to this particular point…I love what I do because it’s challenging, because my day is different every day, because I get to help people at a vulnerable point in their life and because I get to see the efforts of my job pay off in a short period of time – they say my title is patient navigator and it rings true in some ways but not in others…

on the other hand, this isn’t the ‘final’ job of my life…in that I want to eventually do more schooling and become a sociology professor…yet I am content for now…

what about you? what do you do? why do it every day? is a job, iyo, supposed to bring more to life than an income?

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I’m a student and I do research in Earth Science. I like learning new concepts, learning how to solve problems, discussing problems and concepts, and experimenting.

I don’t like actually solving problems that involve proofs or numbers. I enjoy doing this if it is part of my research or an experiment, but not for coursework.

I guess I should go into management. lol

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It’s fantastic!!!

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@timothykinney :) I don’t know if that means you should go into management…maybe teaching?

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Meh. It’s okay when I’m busy, but when there is a lag I hate it. But that would be the case with any job.

I have no real passion about a career. I focus more on who I am than what I do. I do not feel defined by my career, or lack thereof.

What’s stopping me from moving on or doing something I love? Laziness. No motivation. Good money.

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I love my job. I work as a security officer for the largest agricultural implement manufacturer in the world. I work at a gate, where all the traffic comes and goes. I deal with truck drivers, vendors, the ATM fix-it guy, contractors, and just about every other sort of wheeled vehicle you can imagine. I love my truck drivers, and I have made friends with several hundred I suppose. There are a couple that are hard to deal with, but I keep it professional, and seeing ten great drivers easily outweighs one dumbass.

I don’t have to deal with the high mucky-mucks inside, and I only have to deal with departmental module leaders on a rare basis, and I like the fact that my uniform earns me respect. I could be a real asshole, as some security officers are, but I have worked both sides of the gate, as a truck driver and a guard, and I can see both sides.

Of all the jobs I’ve worked, I think being in security for a private corporation is the best fit for me. It might even be better than the orchard job I held back in the early 90s.

of course, I don’t carry a gun or a night stick, but that’s probably a good thing. =)

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I love my job! I get to play with dogs!!!

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@tinyfaery what would you love to do? also do you think ‘having a job’ is not a concept for everyone – in that do you think people are just not made for ‘work’ sometimes?

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Well, firstly I am a college student, but I also work for National Geographic on their website, which is boring. Although when I go home I work at Origins, where I have worked for 3 years now. I absolutley love it. I get to play with make-up, lotions, perfumes, skin care etc. all day. I have had the opportunity to work at three stores and I have yet to meet anyone who works with Origins, corporate or not, that I haven’t liked. I give facials, massages, and get to do make-up. I get to make people happy and feel good about what I am selling at the same time. I also get a killer discount, bonuses when I do well, and an extra family. So, it’s pretty great.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra and I have learned through life that it’s very important to get in good with the security guards as they have all the knowledge

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I love the job that I have right now, working in a haunted house, but it will soon be over. But there is always next year and the year after, and so on.

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I love my job. Of the jobs before, which were ones I had during school (high school, college, graduate school), I wouldn’t say I loved them but I made the best of it. Looking back I was able to take away a lot from them.

After college I really didn’t know what to do – I had a range of stuff under my belt and not much focus. It took a couple years but I found something specific and went to graduate school to make it happen (well, to make me eligible for employment in the field).

I love it but I could see myself doing something else later in life, maybe related, maybe not. I always think, though, if I am going to spend 40 hours/week somewhere, I’d better like it (for the sake of my quality of life). Luckily it ended up that way.

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I’m the girl from the exorcist in the church

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I know I just love scaring people. I had a girl piss her pants last night.

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Where I live, what you do seems to be very important in defining who one is. It’s usually the first thing people ask.

My ideal job is no job. I’d like to be one of the idle rich. I’d donate my time and money to charity, but going to work will never be something I enjoy.

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@brinibear Do you turn your head around and puke? That seems like a difficult skill to do on command.

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I work in low-income housing. I provide resources to the residents and activities for them. It is a pretty relaxed job and I have a lot of freedom over what I do which I really enjoy. I do not like being strictly supervised. I also like the job because I can see the direct benefits of it.

I was educated in psychology and would like to pursue a Master’s education in a few years so I can do more direct therapy work or at least have more possibilities opened to me in the field of social work.

I really do enjoy my job expect for my health right now which is causing me to despise having to work, argh.

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@tinyfaery I focus more on who I am than what I do
Great Answer!

That has been my goal for the last few years. I was going to go straight into my Master’s education but after some specific life circumstances I realized it was much more important to focus on my life than keep continually pursing goals others have set for me. It has really been worth it and now that I’ve spent time on my life I much prefer this method. I still plan on going back to school but not until I feel it is right.

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@timothykinney No, I did my first night there though because a kid puked all over me as he was running by. That was nasty if the kid was sick he never should have been there. I didn’t even think it was possible to puke and run at the same time. Hold on I’m having a Scrubbing bubbles moment “EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW”

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What I like about what I’ve been doing for thr last few years is that it leaves me with a lot of free time – at different hours of the day. No two days are alike.

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I’m a nanny. I love it most days.
I get to be a positive influence in the lives of children, and I love seeing the way my influence (and that of their great parents and teachers) pays off in how kind, bright, and wonderful my charges are. I get to plan my own days with very little oversight. I can be creative and active, and I get hugged and laugh on even my worst days at work. I have a high level of emotional involvement with my kiddos, and it’s hugely rewarding to me.

It’s not perfect though- I don’t have coworkers, and I feel guilty when I have to call in sick or take vacation time because when I don’t work, the parents can’t work either. I also don’t consider my job particularly professional, and other people don’t either. People see me as a babysitter, which can be discouraging. Lots of people also don’t realize that my emotional involvement is one thing that makes me so good at this. They don’t realize that a good nanny is a maid, teacher, event coordinator, coach, developmentalist, playmate, surrogate parent, personal shopper, counselor, and nurse all rolled into one.

My current income is very small, and I would have been outta here years ago if I didn’t adore my kiddos and their families. In fact, I had planned on only nannying for a year… and it’s been almost 6 years with the same family.

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I like that 80% of my time can be spent browsing the web.

I dislike the 20% when I’m actually working.

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I teach 28 third graders. It’s a perfect age to teach, too! Not quite babysitting (like say, the younger kidlets) and I don’t have to worry about attitude (which you tend to see in grades 4 and up). I have a great group of co-workers, have wonderful benefits and the vacation time is ace. =)

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I have an extremely controlling and strong willed boss who used to be a drill sergeant. Most of the time, he seems pissy with me. He once said, if he makes up his mind he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t change it and he wears his heart on his sleeve. They are really slow in responding to my request for extra time off for school there, too, which I need badly. My school is hard. I like it much better when my boss leaves for the day, but I hate it enough to keep going to school, lol.

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I like my job because there is just the right mix of challenges and relaxing moments. I also like the fact that even if it’s just in a small way, I am helping people. Oh, and the benefits here are great!

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I hate my job for the monotony, I am aiming to work in the media industry eventually in the hope that each day may not be the same.
The main reason I hate my current job is because it is retail based and involves a lot of dealing with the general public in mass groups. These people assume that because I doing such a job that I am instantly of low intelligence and that my entire world must revolve around them.
I hate that I have to wear a uniform and that my indentity gets crushed to a certain extent by said uniform and the script I have to repeat hundreds of times a day to people in the hope that they will have a pleasant evening whilst I am getting covered in bits of popcorn and yelled at for things that truly are not my fault.
sorry that was a bit rantish but I have just finished work so all those feelings are fresh in my mind

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I enjoy my job because i get to work with fish which is my passion so thats nice. I hate my job because im the only one there who knows a damn thing about fish and my boss doesnt want to put the money necessary into the equipment to actually fix it.

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I enjoy my job because I get to be with my son all day, and we bond and I can teach him and watch him learn. I think watching a young child learn is one of the most amazing things in the world. I enjoy the time we spend together, and how close we are. He’s basically my best friend, we’re never apart.
Con: I don’t get time to myself. It’s rare that I can even shower alone, or go to the bathroom with the door shut… I could go without the tantums, especially the ones in public. I dislike that my days have to revolve around his nap, but without a nap for him then the rest of the day is miserable. It’s hard to get little things accomplished…like just running to the store, only when he’s uncooperative though…because it can take an hour just to dress him! I also dislike that there’s no sick days for me. No “personal days” lol
A big bonus is we can have pajama days whenever I please! which is more often than not lol

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@Zen not all of us can be assassins, you know.

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The job I am currently being paid to do is a work-study job in the campus library. It is fine, I like my co-workers, even if I have 20 years on all of them. I have had a career and it is nice not to have to deal with the politics of trying to “climb the ladder”. The only problems arise when the people I work for (many of whom are younger than me) seem to forget that I am a grown woman and not a 19 year-old. I get referred to as one of the kids and hassled if I have to miss a day because of babysitting issues or sick children.

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Throughout the time I worked outside the home (age 21 through 40, or so) I had experience with both. It was mostly good experience, and partly not so good. I never was looking for a life career, but merely worked to put one Hubby through college, and to suppliment the income of another.

For the past 25+ years, I have been a homemaker, and it is the greatest job ever.

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Some live to work while others work to live.

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@Zen no, he drives a Harley and has a fu man chu in the summer. lol, good answer though.

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I’m a teller at a sperm bank. Let’s just say that the job has killed my interest in porn. Cleaning up those rooms…..

Women, you think guys’ aim is bad in the bathroom? You ain’t seen nuthin!

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I enjoy it because it has to do with people. IT projects only succeed when the people-side is considered as well.

I dislike it sometimes because like almost all large companies we suffer under the tyranny of quarterly results.

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I am a freelance theatre practitioner, which basically translates to:
– a stable and well paid job tutoring kids at a center and
– directing, choreographing, acting, dancing

It works out really well. I love teaching, but I also need theatre in my life. The teaching is in small classes, the kids are bright, and the hours are flexible. It leaves me time and also $$ to pursue my theatre work; and also keeps me grounded.

So yes, I love my work.

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I love my job. Lots of weapons, lights and sirens, handcuffs, combat zones, worldwide travel and deployments, mess hall food, camouflage uniforms, body armor. Very nice.

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I create things, ideas, images and feelings, intertwined with my good and bad emotions. People love the truth I provide to show them where they need to go. It is at once exciting, and also makes me see struggle, the end result can be mixed. More than a job, but not like my passion which is music. If only I could make a living at that, but in my dreams I am a rock star.

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It probably depends on many things, if people like or dislike their jobs. I saw a comment from Likeradar liking being a nanny, but it would depend a lot of employers. Being a young, live-in, housemaid, nanny or au pair girl and disliking it very much would probably be very tought because you live in a room in your employers home, while other people leave their workplace to go home after working days, and may also be required to wear a uniform (like a blouse and a skirt) a lot more if you end up working for an employer requiring it.

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@Anonymoususer So true. I’ve met some nannies and au pairs who are truly miserable- their bosses treat them like servants rather than a valuable resource or part of the family. Live in situations can be tough, even if you really like the family. Imagine never being able to truly go home after work! Sometimes live-ins feel very secluded, taken advantage of, and lonely.

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You all have way better jobs then me, haha.

I work at a plus size clothing store called The Avenue.

I love helping people pick out clothing and I love to organize and keep things clean. The hours are also not bad and the building is full of AC. It is a good way to gain experience.

The thing that I hate is that my mom use to work there so I have to try and “mirror” her. Its a whole lot of pressure considering she was once the manager and then quit to get a better job in Insurance.

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