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Where can I post a long video on the web?

Asked by rowenaz (2431points) February 1st, 2008

I would like to post a long video of my daughter, but YouTube won’t accept it because it’s too long. Does anyone know of a website that I could post it on for others to see?

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blunckhouse's avatar lets you upload pretty long videos.

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you can break it up also to put on youtube

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go to you can upload it at full quality and length or whatever you need. it may take a good while depending on how long your vid is, but it’s def worth it.

while google video does let you upload long videos, it doesn’t keep very high quality.

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I haven’t used, but it allows for HD and up to 500 GB/week upload, so it would probably work.

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i second the idea. Not only does it have a huge file limit, it also has some nice privacy options (like password protecting videos, allowing only certain people to see the video, etc) and the vimeo community is a lot nicer than youtube

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I third Vimeo. They’re way ahead of the loop. YouTube is surprisingly awful for Google. Vimeo has a nice clean interface as well.

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Vimeo is nice but it limits the amount you can upload per month. I’d recommend somewhere that doesn’t limit you, like, Veoh or Google Video.

Good luck, I hope you make your daughter an internet superstar very soon. ;)

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Pay for a web hosting service and host whatever video file and size you want.

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depends on how long. google video doesn’t have a clear policy, although i’ve watched quite a few mst3k episodes on there which are 1h 30m…

bigkliff's avatar allows you to upload videos of any size….............(however many videos you want to upload of that ($40) month you purchase or ($80) year you purchase…

$40 a month to upload any size (lenght) videos as many as you want to upload….

$80 a year to upload any size (lenght) videos as many as you want to upload…...

you can upload 1 hour videos or 20 minute videos or 50 minute videos… doesnt matter…......the 20 minute videos takes awhile to upload, but it uploads with no problem….....

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You can also try (yes they let you upload videos now!) or

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well checked all of it but still not applicable for long and better visual vids like its awesome and easy to upload vids of more then 1 GB.check it out!

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