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Do you believe there is glass particles in menthol cigerettes?

Asked by tammy444 (94points) February 1st, 2008

do you believe there is glass particules in menthol cigerettes?

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Never heard that about menthols. Supposedly clove cigarettes have glass in them, and menthols crystallize your lungs. I don’t believe any of it.

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i smoke unfiltered bugler roll your owns so i am qualified to say this: they are all bad for you :(

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That may very well be a rumor, however I have heard that about menthols and charcoal filtered cigarettes before, so it is possibly true.

I don’t really enjoy menthols anyways, I prefer Belmont charcoal filtered cigarettes, whether there’s glass particles in them or not.

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I always thought the glass particulates come from fiberglass filters. I smoke American Spirits with a 100% cotton filter.

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@absolutely cloves dont have glass in them thats just a myth. I smoke them. People think that there is something because they hear the popping and crackling as you smoke it. It is nothing more then the sound cloves make when you light them on fire.

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Glass, tar, nicotine…. The worst things in cigarettes for you is none of these. It is the radioactive polonium that gets on tobacco from the fertilizer used for growing tobacco.

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What you are thinking is Fiberglass not from Menthol but from the filters on cigarettes. These fibers are sort of free floating in the filter so when you drag on one you will get a minut amount of glass from that filter.

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Fiberglass is often used in cigarette filters as the structure of this material is particularly good at allowing ample airflow while obstructing large material (such as the tobacco). Unless the filter becomes particularly wet, it is unlikely that it will break down and that you could breathe it in or swallow it.

P.S. Good question, but please use a more descriptive title in the future.

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well…I smoke Salem Menthols….I just had a chest xray…and it shows glass particles in my lungs…so yup sure does! (the doctor didnt know i smoked, he was like do you smoke by any chance…

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No. They Don’t. It’s a myth a rumor ~ old wives tales

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