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What is a creative Halloween costume idea for 2012?

Asked by jsc3791 (1988points) September 20th, 2012

The fall weather has gotten me in the mood for Halloween!

What are some good costumes for 2012? I like to do things that are timely.

I was thinking something like “pink slime” from the news stories about meat additives.


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Dress up as an Maya-themed-apocalypse!

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A dog on the roof of a car?

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One of my girlfriends once dressed up as a sperm.

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I think I am going to do this:

If you want to be topical, you could go as a 40oz drink or a sugar bowl or something else that has been recently banned that could be twisted funny.

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How about the ‘You Mad?’ troll face guy:

Actually ANY meme you can bring to life in a costume would be funny.

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Maybe you could go as one of the 47% who is dependent on government handouts.

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Last year I went to a party dressed as the ghost of Steve Jobs. I carried a Zune because they only have Microsoft in Hell.

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@cazzie that’s actually the Problem? face ;-) but yeah, cool idea btw.

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Why don’t you go trick and treating as an IRS agent.

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I want to be hipster Boober or Madam Trash Heap. Boober is probably more doable though.

I really ought to be one of them as it’s Fraggle Rock’s 30th anniversary this year.

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