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On a black cat, which eye color is creepiest?

Asked by ParaParaYukiko (6111points) October 16th, 2009

What does everyone consider “scarier” – green eyes or yellow eyes? Specifically on a black cat.

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Milo here; I have the world’s most beautiful emerald green eyes. And they match my white and black outfit. Everyone agrees.

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I would not dare to disagree with our esteemed Milo- however if one is thinking halloween then I do think the most disturbing color is the yellow.

Note to Milo: Of course your emerald green eyes are superb!

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yellow is scarier. Hands down.
Green eyes? I might even pet the cat, and I don’t even particularly like cats.
especially if its @gailcalled ‘s cat, I bet she’s a cutie

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Old Yaller

IBERnineD's avatar

oh yellow definitely

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Well, my black cat Monkey had yellow eyes. But he was anything but creepy. Solid black cats are my favorite types of cats; it’s pretty hard for me to think of them as “creepy”.

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I think yellow pwns all. Especially if your black cat isn’t particularly happy.

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Milo here: i am neither female nor cute. I am a better, younger version of Clark Gable with a nicer mustache

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Yellow is super creepy, but I am gonna go with when the cats eyes are different colors.

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@filmfann GA- one yellow and one green would be very creepy.

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I also can not think of any cat as creepy. But for the purpose of Halloween decorations, I agree that Yellow is better.

@gailcalled: @Milo: You are distinguished and charming, I am sure… but as a stealthy hunter of mice, I’ve imagined you more like Sean Connery’s James Bond than Clark Gable.

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@Milo- fine, compliment revoked

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MIlo here: See my eyes and weep with envy.

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@gailcalled Awww… He’s so adorable… May I kidnap him and take him home? Pleaasee?

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@Milo – Ambush photo?

gailcalled's avatar

Milo here: It was a close call. Gail almost shut the filing drawer without noticing me. I would have left her a nice present if that had happened.

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I think green is creepier and rarer. Red or orange would ge even creepier…

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Our cat Henry has the most gorgeous light green eyes with a dark emerald green scraggly rim around the pupil. It’s gorgeous.
Spencer, on the other hand..well, people always comment on what an ugly eye color he has. It’s quite an ugly yellow. He had the cutest blue eyes, which we thought would stay but they turned vomit yellow. Here you can see his eyes somewhat

I don’t think cats are creepy, so I don’t know.

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Solid milky white eyes would creep me out on any cat. (except Milo, of course)

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@casheroo: His eyes are a deep Amber color… they’d be more attractive on a calico or marmalade tabby, perhaps.

@ru2bz46: I also initially thought that white or grey might be creepier in real life; but in terms of decoration, they’d look like the image was black and white, so it might lose the creepy factor.

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I met a one-eyed cat with long white fur one night. That was pretty spooky.

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HMMMMM i have a black cat with huge bright bright YELLER eyes and she can be creepy. She is a nut case

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@Zaku: What color was the one eye?

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One yellow one blue. It was an old, gnarly cat. Creepy as hell.

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None. Hollow pockets, stitched shut.

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@ChazMaz Actually that is sad not creepy.

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Ok. :-)

So someone walking around with a hatchet stuck in their head is…. Fun?


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Yellow, BECAUSE—> In particularly low lighting, near darkness, you only see the bright yellow eyes looming out.

I know because my cat likes to hide in the dark in our fake fireplace. When you peek in, it seems only his peepers are around to greet you. It’s reminiscent of all the unknown monsters that must be lurking just out of reach in the darkness.

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A light yellow eye always looks creepy on any animal!

@gailcalled – I don’t think you have enough pics of Milo, I bet he feels underprivileged, you better take some more now!!! :-)

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After the rains, I will. Right now he is resting comfortably after a nice snack. Mouse #42, which he brought home earlier, was so small as to look like tent caterpillar, until I saw the tail, feet and tiny snout.

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@gailcalled -—I think Milo and his mousing and other activities should have his own blog!
You should help him to start one. It would be fun to follow.—

rooeytoo's avatar

I put the—in, wonder why that didn’t whisper???

Sorry @ParaParaYukiko

Beta_Orionis's avatar

@rooeytoo it appears one of the pair is 3 ”-” long.

rooeytoo's avatar

yep must have forgotten the space after the first one, oooops! Cheers Beta

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Yellow is scarier. Funny, though, black cats with green eyes, to me, are the most beautiful/handsome of all felines. A close second would be black ‘n white kitties (like Milo).

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I used to have a Flame Point Himalayan, and it was the most beautiful cat I ever saw.

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My cat is totally black and he has yellow eyes. He’s beautiful, but bad. It doesn’t look creepy with his eye color at all! Green doesn’t seem like it would look freaky either, by the way I’m picturing it in my mind. I’d say black eyes on a black cat would totally look scary!!

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The yellow ones. It’s very creepy, believe me.

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