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Is a 7 year old unopened bottle of Kahlua still safe to drink?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) October 18th, 2009

The bottle doesn’t have an expiration date. I forgot I had it, if you can believe it. It’s in some fancy tin and was in a box that I just found. Is it going to kill my husband if he drinks it? Will it taste okay?

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Vintage? I really don’t know.

I don’t even like fresh Kahlua

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I would think it’d be perfectly safe to drink if it’s been sealed up all this time. Alcohol is pretty shelf-safe. Have a kahlua & cream for me. I LOVE them! :-)

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It’s safe however it may taste a little flat. If it was sitting in or near a window I’d just throw it out.

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As long as it hasn’t been stored in extreme temperatures it should be completely safe and it taste just fine. I’ve had lots of old bottles of liquor, including Kahlua, that have sat on the shelf for years before opening and all, except for some Irish cream and some wine, have tasted just fine.

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~ If you send it to me I will gladly taste it for you in my after dinner coffee.

Seriously though- as @AstroChuck says- so long as it has not been stored in heat it should be fine.

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Sure! Want some help with that?

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Thanks. I’ll have to wait ‘til baby ubersiren comes out to have some myself. But you’re all invited when the bottle opens. (The actual bottle of Kahlua, that is. I didn’t mean it as a metaphor for my vagina).

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@ubersiren Uh…..that’s good to know!

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@ubersiren Eueewwwhhh! Glad you clarified. Funny!

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@ubersiren Wouldn’t have thought of it that wad had you not mentioned it. Good for a laugh though.

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Put it in your coffee, you won’t notice ^^

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Kahlua survives just fine. The alcohol pretty much keeps anything from growing in it even if it was opened.

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