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Can you get banned from 3rd party fans on an Xbox 360?

Asked by kyle94481 (214points) October 20th, 2009

Is there some magical way Microsoft could ban me for installing Whisper Talismoon Fans into my Xbox 360? I know they can test voltage from ethernet for lag switches if you don’t set them up properly so I thought I may as well be safer then sorry.

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Why on earth would they want to ban you?

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@Jayne Third Party Accessories not approved by them I guess. Like I said, better be safe then sorry :)

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From what I understand the only time they ban is when they happen to come across your system in the database, but if you masked it into being seen as normal I wouldn’t worry. Don’t take this literally though, because this is just an assumption.

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@Axemusica It’s well out of warranty so I doubt that would happen.

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Pretty sure in the Xbox live agreement, Microsoft reserves the right to pretty much ban/suspend for practically any reason.

But as far as adding a fan to your Xbox, you should be fine; I doubt they can even detect it. They’re after people that modify their box to gain an unfair advantage, either through software manipulation or hardware like the lag switches you mentioned.

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@kyle94481 being out of warranty has nothing to do with having access to XBL. So, just play it safe.

Oh, all you’re doing is adding a fan? lmao, I thought it was…. nevermind. It’s probably fine.

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Microsoft can ban you for whatever they want, but there is no way for them to detect your fan (how could they possibly distinguish between the airflow of a Microsoft fan and a third party fan), and they would much prefer that you continue to pay them $50+ each year. Don’t be paranoid, and get the fan if you want to.

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I already have bought a fan kit from llamma and it should be here within the week. thanks for the feedback.

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