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John(effing)powell made it to 20k! Let's have a burrito and PBR party!

Asked by Allie (17431points) October 23rd, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, the man who brought you dick punching has done it. Raise hell…
Btw, I got modded for cursing in the title. Whoever modded it, I like the little message you added. =]

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incroyable…. 20K lurve
and on a Friday no less
why do I get a feeling this calls for a bender? ha ha congrats JP!!

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We, of little Lurve, are not worthy.

Partay! The world is now steeped in awesomeness and now most likely a much much better place. Congratulations en masse.

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Wow let me be the 4th to congratulate you! I am proud of you but proud of me too cuz this is the first time I have ever been to the partay this early!

Good job johnfuckingpowell!

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In honor if this achievement…free dick punches for everyone.

unless, of course, you are sans-dick

Congratulations J.P.!!

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Way to go big guy! PBR and burritos all around!!!!!
I’ll take a pass on the dick punches

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Congrats JP! I’ll have Chipotle in your honor tonight =D. I know I know, I make such huge sacrifices.

And 20K???? Were’nt you supposed to be limiting your Fluthering and enjoying nature or something like that? I bet for 30K, you’ll just keep your computer off for a month and get lurve kickbacks from old Qs. Thanks for always answering my computer questions <3

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Lets all do the conga, lets all do the conga nah nah nah nah hey!

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Wow free dickpunches.. we should do this more often. Anyway congratulations john, you definitely belong up in that castle. Congo line on me!

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@markyy hehehehe!! lurve it!

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We will win.

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If I could find PBR here I would drink one in your honour. Way to go!

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Way to go, JP! Thank you so much for helping me with my blog. I’ll raise a PBR to you this evening. :D

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Do I know you?

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….. 20k petals, scattered at your feet…...... those petals, gently stripped from the newly created milk chocolate- and turquoise- Fluther Rose !

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JP can say more with ten words than I can with a hundred.

That does it…from now on, I’m a PBR man

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Congratulations JP!
I’d like to give a long, thoughtful, full of emotion thank you for helping me with all of my stupid iPod problems. If it weren’t for you I’d probably not be here. So, thank you. And for a thirty-somethin’ year old man, you have alot of things in common with this 14 year old. You wierdo. :P

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…... I’m new here….. and afraid of ‘search buttons ’ at the top of each web page….. WHAT is a dick punch ? ....... something one drinks…or a new tool to put in my tool box full of honeydew tools ? ..... I meant ‘honey-do’, of course .... or did you mean duck punch ?? I’m just flutherzzled about this…...

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Go JohnPowell! A very impressive feat indeed!

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Aaaaaaw, luuuuuuuuurve.


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JohnPOW!!!! Huzzahs all around and a hip hip horray!!!

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Congratulations, JP!

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Your rock- solid advice and wit are a cornerstone of Fluther!

You totally ROCK! May the party begin!

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So, like everyone knows this dude?

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Congrats JP! A burrito picnic with PBR in your honor as soon as it quits raining. =)

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3 cheers for the chatroom pimp! Hip hip hooray!

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Congrats! So many of your answers concerning Ipods and computers have helped me out and I never have thanked you, so I am thanking you now. THANKS JP!

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jp…..Congratulations. I’m certain @marina and @gailcalled welcome you with open arms in the hopes you can help control @Astrochuck and stop him from destroying the mansion. I do have a few PBRs ice cold…..but I think I’ll wait until after breakfast. So, until then, this cup of coffee is in your honor. See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Woo-hoo! Good goin’!

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Wow, JP!! Congrats!!

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Foul and abusive language in the Question is not acceptable and reflects a degree of ignorance to all who seem to accept it.

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@F1 – Thanks for your rain on our parade! JP is a known, liked, and respected member of our community, and all of that is an inside joke. And, so is Allie. Personally, when I’m new somewhere, I refrain from criticizing and judging before I’m fully aware of who the people are and how things work. Lastly, if the mods agree with you, it will be taken care of.. chillax, man, chillax.

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@F1 Besides, they spelled “fuck” correctly.

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Response moderated
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@JP’s THE man. @Allie you lurvewhore.;-) ~

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every lurve well earned!

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holy crap 20k? nice work. Thanks for keeping us all in our places JP!
@Allie best congratulations question ever

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Yay!!! Congratulations! In your honor I will eat 20,000 bento boxes (this is going to be a long night), since you are the lovely man that introduced them into my world. And because well it’s hard to make bento cupcakes.

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crap, I was just lurving this whole thread and I didn’t read @F1 until after it was too late.
@F1 it’s called humor; lighten up

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@J0E if I could multi lurve you I would : 0 )

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@johnpowell Does this mean I have to tip you now? ;D

Congrats! Here’s a pancake platter just for you

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Woot! Woot! You are one of the most practically helpful jellies, and you have come through for me many times. You da best! Yay!

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Mhhh. then rolls eyes.

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I have the PBR on ice too- I suppose we on the west coast need to wait till a bit later to begin… of course we could go brunch. Mimosas anyone???

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! a heartwarming moment for all of us.

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Welcome to the castle, Ryan! The entire place has so many tech goodies built-in, you may never leave. Now that you’re here to coach Luddite me, perhaps I will become a savvier tech grasshopper.

Speaking of tech support, do you know how to periodically turn off AstroChuck? Shouldn’t six-year-olds have a curfew?

I made a big platter of “grilled cheese and ham” sandwiches-no plain old grilled cheese would be good enough!

What I like best about you is the uniqueness of your voice in the collective. The ruddy glow of 20K lurve is the lurvelight of the collective shining on you. Not to mention the fact that you are a fellow Northwesterner (well, I am now one only in spirit).

Congratulations! Delayed only by your, thankfully brief, departure! Huzzah!

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@F1 Go to ‘stop following’ & then move on.

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<——- See? There’s a tear. Right there.

I can only bow my head in awe at the dickpunching fantastic-ness that is johnpowell. Dammit, yes, I will break my boycott right now and have a PBR in his honour!

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This has turned into one effing party! =D

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Wow, 20k… I can’t even imagine getting to 10k.

I’ll have something in your honor tonight: Pancakes? Beer? Burrito? It could anything!

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Good going, Mr. Powell!

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Right on!!! Burritos and PBR and lurve to you!!

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Good Job!!!

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

and burritos sound great

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John Powell, known as Ryan:
Party’s at hiis house and guess who’s buyin’?

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Epic johnpowell!!! Congrats and cheers, enjoy the PBR Burrito.

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Congrats, JP! You were one of my first friends on Fluther and I’m glad I stuck around long enough to see you reach this accomplishment! We all lurve you, and hope you never leave us again!

You’re GRREAT!

No idea why I put that there. I guess you’re just that kinda guy, ya know? ;)

I guess I’ll take… a non-alcoholic PBR? ;)

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Holy crap! Well, punch me in the dick! Just what the 20k clubhouse needs, more testosterone. Let’s belly up to the burrito bar and get this party going! I’ve ordered a couple of strippers and they should be here in the next thirty minutes (or they’re free!).

(Dont worry about Gail and Marina. I sent them out to get themselves some pancakes.)


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woot woot!! Party time! Congrats!!!!!

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I for one am having an effing good time at this effing party! Everyone- we may now move from Mimosas to BPR!

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What I like most about these parties is that they are lurve fests. Sort of reminds me of the 70’s only safer.

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I’ll bring the margarita machine….........

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I note that the foul language has been removed and all credit to the site for doing so.
Congratulations to the recipient of all these best wishes.

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PBR me ASAP! :) TGIF!!!!

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I baked a cake and put it in the frizzer next to the PBR for you, johnpowell. Your sardonic/helpful voice is a breath of fresh air in Jellyland.

Party like it’s 2005!

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Congrats! To the most helpful techie dude on Flutherz.

dpworkin's avatar

I guess I was wrong. Suddenly no one knows how to spell “Fuck”. Go figure.

Allie's avatar

@pdworkin I fucking know how to fucking spell “fuck.” I was fucking asked to fucking remove it. I’m totally kidding, this isn’t meant to sound brutal at all.

F1's avatar

How juvinile.

janbb's avatar

@F1 Us grownups spell it “juvenile.”

irocktheworld's avatar

Heeeeyyyyy dude! Guess what? You got 20k! On a Friday! Enjoy your day!
Sorry I’m late.:P

dpworkin's avatar

@janbb Surely you mean “We grownups”, don’t you hon?

janbb's avatar

Sorry, pd. I knew it was grammatically incorrect but thought it worked better stylistically. Sort of inherently ironic and shit like that.

Allie's avatar

We don’t care about spelling and grammar at this party. JP “konws” this.

jrpowell's avatar

Thanks everyone. Well, everyone except F1.

dpworkin's avatar

what are you, jan, un poco loco?

janbb's avatar

une petite fou, peut t’etre.

NewZen's avatar

I want the original question back – who modded it?

SpatzieLover's avatar

@NewZen F1 cried to the mods

cookieman's avatar

Ironically, the “F” in F1 stands for “Fucking”.

go figure

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Fluckity fluck fluck flucky fluck JP. Flucking fluck flucker flucker fluck.

Congratulations John Powel.

I’m sorry about the way I spelled your last name but I had to steal an “L” from it to use above.

I didn’t want to offend any delicate sensibilities.

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John Ryan Powell this here drunken binge im about to go on in downtown Asheville North Cakalakkie tonight is dedicated to for you . When will we be able to use some of this massive lurve we are accumulationg to get some Chucky Cheese prizes?

AstroChuck's avatar

@F1- This is for you.

jbfletcherfan's avatar

@AstroChuck Well, THAT should get the point across! LOLLLLLLLLLLL

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I love this fucking party.

dpworkin's avatar

@augustlan I’m stunned. I had no idea you were prone to potty-mouth.

augustlan's avatar

@pdworkin In my ‘real life’, I cuss like a sailor. ;-)

dpworkin's avatar

If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was in love.

chupacabra's avatar

Awesome Fucking Deal! Way to go @johnpowell!!!

I have learned much from you!

IBERnineD's avatar

@augustlan I was in shock when you requested a “West Fuckin’ Virginia” shirt. God I love you.

Aethelwine's avatar

@augustlan You’d love my “Fucking Classy” tshirt.

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Congratulations Ryan! I had a PBR just for you.

AstroChuck's avatar

I didn’t have a PBR but I did just have a Mr. Pibb. That has a P and a B in it.

NewZen's avatar

I’ve had a fucking crush on that fucking hot mod for ages.It’s her sense and sensibilities that turn me on.

dpworkin's avatar

I hope her pride and prejudice don’t shut you down.

buster's avatar

8 pints of draft Pabst in my belly for you Ryan! Asheville is the coolest most liberalist town in the whole southeast. Its like a smaller Portland. Concrete skatepark too. I almost punched a doorman of a club in the mouth. i told him he was an ignorant doorman and an asshole unlike 25 other cool young people i met while out. He came back with “Well your an ignorant tourist. My girl grabbed me. I was going to fire on his in my motel room even drunker and wishing I had popped that dude in the jaw.
But violence is bad and I fighting can get you in jail.
i havent been there in 8 years knck on wood

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The great thing about 10k parties (which everyone who sticks around will have sooner or later) is that it gives everyone an hour in the spotlight while fellow jellies stop and notice how much they enjoy and appreciate them. Not that we hadn’t noticed you before, @johnpowell. We can say for a fact that fluther wouldn’t be as great without you because it wasn’t. Never leave us again.

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joining in the profanity debate
went to watch this dude the other weekend live… awsome!!

and he even gives great reasons for swearing!!

much lurve to @AstroChuck for the definitions!!

Congratualtions again!

knitfroggy's avatar

Congrats to you!!

Response moderated
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Congratulations! 20k is some righteous lurve, baby!

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I haven’t been quick to the post here lately. I’ve been selective when I do post (not just for the lurve of it) and I have stopped rambling as I have been known to do on way too many occasions. But I would like to second what @Jeruba stated above. Of course all of @Jeruba‘s posts are comprehensive and concise, and well, perfect, but I would like to add, that the day that jp quit, some time ago, my heart sunk in despair.
Fluther is a collective of a lot of jellies, most very dedicated to the site and the objective to provide appropriate answers and considerate assistance to fellow jellies. We see new people come on board with enthusiasm, because obviously this site is built on the principle of quality and its excellence shines through to them. And who wouldn’t want to participate where thoughtful giving is so richly recognized and rewarded by ones peers.
But people do leave for a variety of reasons. Some just mysteriously delete their accounts, while others take extended breaks, like I did, not so long ago. But most come back to bask in these invitingly warm and cozy waters.

But the foundation and strength of this site rest with small group of jellies that made this place work. Bendrew is very busy behind the scenes, but without these very valuable contributors, this site would not be what it is today (including being $600K richer). First it was @gailcalled, the site matriarch, who being family, got “roped in”, but obviously found enjoyment in using this place as a forum with which to share her knowledge and expertise. The came jp, who came stumbling in from a reference at another site, but obviously found his technical computer knowledge, street smarts, “coolness” (I have no idea what you kids call it now) and marvelous sense of humor, not just welcomed but encouraged. Others followed, but are of no less importance: @Marina, @AstroChuck , @Harp , @Jeruba , @augustlan , @daloon.
You guys are the strength of fluther and don’t for a second ever question your value here (actually, it is OK if @daloon does, because otherwise, it would just not be @daloon). I recognize and appreciate all you do, and am confident the other jellies do as well. So, thank you, to all of you and to you, in particular, @johnpowell .
See ya….Gary/wtf

janbb's avatar

@whatthefluther Well said as always. And I know this is not your party but you very modestly left yourself out of the group of supernumeraries. Your love of life (and sherry), thoughtfulness and madcap humor (candy corn and baby oil?) have made a place for you up there in the Fluther firmanent.

dpworkin's avatar

@janbb so what am I, chopped livah?

janbb's avatar

pd – right now I’m thinking you’re a bissel messhuggah.

dpworkin's avatar

Cracked, huh? I guess you/‘e right. Not that you’re screwed down so tight yourself, if you know what I mean.

gailcalled's avatar

@pdworkin @janbb You both have latkes in your gatkes.

dpworkin's avatar

@gailcalled So, who put a dime in you?

gailcalled's avatar

@pdworkin: Du fangst shoyn on?

dpworkin's avatar

Sprecht Yiddish? Ich hub moiereh, now.

whatthefluther's avatar

@janbb…Thank you, that is very kind of you to say.
@pdworkin….Chopped liver? Never. Schmalzy, perhaps, at times (aren’t we all).
See ya….Gary/wtf

gailcalled's avatar

@pdworkin :Just Grandmother Yiddish, What does moiereh mean?

gailcalled's avatar

Ah. I speak the same kind of French. Straight ahead and damn the torpedoes. (What was this thread about anyway?)

dpworkin's avatar

Some guy won an award.

ubersiren's avatar

I’m way late, but congrats for the outstanding accomplishment!

Allie's avatar

@pdworkin Some guy? Some guy? For shame, sir.

and oh yeah..
[mod says:] Please take additional conversation-like comments to PM. Thank you.

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Sorry to be late. Congratulations @John Powell! Make it 20–20!

tiffyandthewall's avatar

just recently i heard someone threaten to dick punch their friend, and i cold not help but think of you.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Way late to the party, but a very well deserved congratulations to you JP!

cyn's avatar

OMFG. I’m so fucking late.
@Johnpowell, you are amazing!! I lurve your responses. One of a kind. Congo-Ratas.
I hope there are still burritos. I’m starving!

Dr_C's avatar

@cyndihugs there are still burritos and PBR to go around

cyn's avatar


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Wow, how the eff did I miss this effing thread?!?!?!? Ryan, you may punch me in the proverbial dick.

Suffice it to say, you are the shit. After all this time I still agree with pretty much everything you have to say, and I hope you never leave us again. You’re a hell of a guy and a hell of a good friend. Plus you bought me dinner. <3

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