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Somebody break out the broom- the 20k mansion's about to be covered in feathers!

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23120points) April 11th, 2011

Our resident goose lover, Coloma, has arrived!

Congratulations to a truly wonderful lady! I always enjoy your posts, you have a beautiful heart, and I count myself lucky to call you “friend”.

I’ll trade you some down-alternative pillows for a plate of happy brownies…

(((HUGS))) and <high fives> to COLOMA! Hip Hip Hooray, she hit 20k! And I’ve already found you a roommate!

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Partay time, party time
a hot tubbing we will go.
Bubblies and hors d’oeuveres for everyone
because it partay time in the Mansion for Coloma!

Congratulations! Happy for ya! ^ㅂ^

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Yay! Coloma! Congratulations!!! :)

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Let’s break out some happy brownies! Congratulations to you @coloma!!!!! I’ve always found your answers very insightful and you’re a wonderful part of Fluther! Wooooooooo!

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Good for you! I built a “free range” goose pen for you behind the mansion.

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HEY! YAY! Congrats on the 20 Grand @Coloma! Woo HOO! Looks like a big party in the mansion hot tub tonight!

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Congrats, @Coloma!

May your cats bring back only very small lizards, and your geese run free!

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Wooo! Super congratulations to my favourite gooselady and a fantastic jelly :)

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Fantastic! Oops. Look out for the goose poop. Ho’omaikai!

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Break out the “happy brownies” ! !

Congratulations. Now where’s the hot tub?

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Congratulations, Coloma :) Fluther wouldn’t be quite the same without you.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations @Coloma!

You are one of my favourite flutherers :-)

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Oooh, nice. :) Keep up the good work, congratulations. Slurpees are on me! :D

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@Symbeline Wait… the slurpees are ON you? I’m on my way.

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Ladies, ladies, ladies no tequila yet——Keep your CLOTHES ON.

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Thanks you guys! :-)

Yeah, damn, took forever to crest this mountain the last few days.

Whew…it’s all downhill now! lol


Clothing optional, brownies mandatory!

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Congratulations, @Coloma, you’re a fantastic addition to the community and I always love reading your answers! :D

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@Coloma I’ll pack light, Hat for my bald head.

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Congratulations!!!! @Coloma
20k!!!!! Hooray!!!!!
I enjoy your fun witty responses.

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I love you. I want to be you when I grow up. Congrats!!!!!

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Congratulations @Coloma! I love your fantabulastic answers.

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Congrats, @Coloma! Great job!

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Congrats!!!!! Poppin a bottle of champaign right now to celebrate for you!!!!

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The jelly below me is Coloma. lol

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Whoa, I love her. Congrats!

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Oooh, we are cut from the same cloth!


Yes, and the jelly below me is my cushy chair. haha

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Oh God….the little bastard comes a courtin’... :-)

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Aww, yay, congratulations to my mama in a parallel universe! :D

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Wait… two of my favorite jellies are cyber-related? Too cool! :)

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Now girls, no fighting over mama. :-)

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Did someone say “goose”?!

Congratulations @Coloma!!

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Congratulations!! :)
Now when are my pigs and your geese going to have a playdate? :D

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Congo Rats Coloma! I so wish I could give you a goose right now
WTG on this wonderful achievement!

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Congrats! So fast again! I enjoy your posts. still don’t need spiders, tho

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@Coloma Woohoo! The Pluther Goose Lover all us fluther lady lovers would love to Goose has made it to the upper mansion. Thanks for all you bring to the collective. I love your wisdom and grasp on reality. Keep those geese in line, girl. And yes, I’m old enough to still call you girl. With love, ETpro.

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@#$%! Congratulations.

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Goose guards for the mansion! Well done Coloma. Twenty thousand well deserved lurve points!!

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So…exactly how many geese will be running around the 20K castle now?

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Congratulations Coloma. Your posts always make for interesting reading, and they are much appreciated. Thanks!

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I’ve got goose-bumps! Congratulations, Coloma!!

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Congrats Coloma. This year in your honor for reaching this milestone, for Easter, we have the candy company commission a giant chocolate goose sculpture, and we’ll fill the hot tub with melted chocolate and let every jelly that wants to skinny dip in it while munching happy brownies. Then anything goes.

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COngratulations! Lift Our Mugs, All.

And let’s toast @Coloma!

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Congratulations! Well done!

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Duck…duck…duck…GOOSE! You’re “it”! Congratulations :-D

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Congrats, you valuable lovely, you!

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Pancakes to you @Coloma! Congrats! sorry I’m so late. I’ve brought cake

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Congratulations :)

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Awesome, congrats!! I love hearing about your animals friends and adventures on the mountain!

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There’s GOLD in them there hills! Everyone to Coloma!
Congrats on the 20k!

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Congratulations, @Coloma! All the way to 20K!

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Congratulations @Coloma!!! You made it to the big 20K!

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Better late than never! @Coloma, your posts are always insightful and show that you’re a feisty gal! Congrats on this huge achievement!

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Sorry to be late to the party! Congratulations, @Coloma!

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Congratulatons to one of my very favorite jellies! Kiss your goose for me. I’ll be at the party soon and get to meet you!!!

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Thank You!

Yes, I thought we’d all play the geezers favorite game, bobbing for bread! lol

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Great work! I always enjoy your answers!

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@Coloma Make the game a little more exciting: Bobbing for french fries!

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LOL…Well maybe the adults should be bobbing for Brownies! ;-)

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Oh no, I’m late to the party! Congratulations!

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I’m very late. Congratulations!

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Even later, but congratulations on reaching the 20K mansion. Enjoy a long soak in gold plated hot tub heaven!

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Hey, I have an idea!
Why not take up a party collection to pay my taxes today? lol

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@Coloma we already spent the collection on party favors. The swag bags were awesome!

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@Blueroses They sure as hell were! There was a Versace vibrator in mine! Oh yeah and about 10 pounds of Lindor dark chocolate truffles!

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Damn, girl! You got the Versace? To paraphrase Paul Simon “She’s got diamonds in the walls of her vag” That was supposed to be the guest of honor’s bag. Poor Coloma, making do with the TJ Maxx knockoff.

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Oh God…I always joke that archeologists will be unearthing cheap TJ Maxx import stuff 500 years from now and laugh at our ‘primitive’ cultural obsessions with slave labor and inferior merchandise. lol

We might even get some notoriety, like the Ming dynasty.
The TJ Maxx dynasty! haha

Okay…lets PARTY! Corona on the table ;-)

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I’ve brought some limes. Do we need anything else?

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♪put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up♪

Tropical_Willie's avatar

i thought it was “Drink it all DOWN”

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@Tropical_Willie I was almost ready to surrender my Nilsson fan club card but here

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My tax guy told me he looks forward to seeing me every year, am I being manipulated? hahaha

Oh God, you guys here are my salvation today, jesus mercy, one of ‘those’ days! lol

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Did you negotiate a reduced fee? ? Repeat customer too!

Coloma's avatar

Yes! A small licking of a big wound! haha

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I’d insist on a big licking, personally.

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@Blueroses LOL

Well, my tax guy totally flattered me, we have the same sense of humor.
At least I laughed a little while getting bent over. lol

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I just got back home and discovered I misses some parties!

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