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Are blueberries blue?

Asked by mowens (8379points) October 23rd, 2009

My co-workers and I have gotten into an argument about blue food. I said that there were no naturally blue food. He said blueberries are. Thoughts?

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…..the blue pigment is in the skin…...

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I think they are more of a purpleish hue.

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I think blueberries are more purple than blue.
I also don’t think there are any blue foods as they all look kind of purple to me.

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The problem is, color is a spectrum so where blue ends and purple begins can be individual or cultural

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They’re white inside! I was totally shocked when I discovered this. But yeah, I’d say that the skin is blue…though some might say it’s purple. Probably depends on the individual berry.

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“Blue” is subjective. Now if you want to define a specific level at which specific wavelengths of light have to be reflected for it to be blue, then we can get a few hundred of each variety of blueberry from each potential growing region and put them under the spectrometer and determine whether any blueberries meet that standard. Otherwise they’re close enough to be blue.

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I don’t consider blueberries as “blue.” But then again, I’m color blind and the wrong guy to ask (although I do make things very interesting at traffic-lighted intersections).
See ya….Gary/wtf

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The food network program “Food Detectives” with Ted Allen investigated the question. They used some kind of commercial color scanner thing and found that they are technically purple.

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Seems like this question should have been “What is the color blue?”

Here’s the answer to that one

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funny, my brother and I were discussing this over a couple malt beverages. we decided blueberries are indigo. A compromise. Decidedly not really blue, but not quite purple.

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I have picked them many times from the bush. They are blue. Compare this picture of blueberries
with these purple berries.

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I agree that they’re blue. When they’re unripe, they appear more purple, but when they’re ripe, they’re a navy blue color. I have a blueberry bush at home; I’ve picked them.

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I see blueberries as blue but I wouldn’t argue with someone who calls them purple or violet.

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They look kind of blurple-ish to me.
That’s a very technical term, by the way.

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Concord grapes fall into the blue, purple, reddish catagory. There now are blue potatoes and blue corn, also.

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Oh ya there has always been blue corn. Good one @gailcalled

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maryland blue crabs are blue, but you don’t eat the shell

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Do they change color when you cook them?

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@majorrich I think they start out a bluish greenish brown but when you cook them they turn blue and white

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If you’ve ever dropped some ripe blueberries on a white T-shirt, you will see why they are used as a natural dye.

Edit: Or stepped on one while wearing white socks and no shoes.

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@gailcalled Absolutely true! I have blueberry shrubs. My lil’ guy has had blue hands and I’ve permanently stained a few gardening outfits with them.

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I think they are navy or navy/purple.

Deni- Not all blueberries are white inside. The ones that are white inside are probably grown commerically. The ones that are grown in the wild are blueish purple inside. I had never had one that was white inside until recently.

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They seem blue raw but reddish purple when cooked.

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