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Will you keep using HULU if they start charging for content?

Asked by evegrimm (3714points) October 23rd, 2009

(See link.)

How do you feel about this? Do you use Hulu now? Will you stop using it if they start charging for some or all items?

(The consensus on the linked site is that people will switch back to torrents or “other” ways of getting the shows.)

Do you think networks will stop having free re-runs of their shows as well? Do you think the networks will completely remove the shows or simply start charging to watch them?

Do you think this is in response to iTunes and Amazon unbox making money off of shows? Is it a result of the prevalence of web-enabled phones? Or something else?

Would you be willing to pay for a Hulu subscription to watch shows?

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There isn’t a site on the internet that I will pay to use.

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I’d be a bigger Hulu user if I could get the damn thing to work on HTPC. I use bittorrent more often anyways.

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I won’t keep watching, and I think that there are many people that are with me. I think that after several months they will realize that they made a mistake, and they will either shut down or try to go back to being a free service, albeit with more ads.

By that point, people will be so ticked off from the switch to a pay service that it will fail.

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Nope. I’ll just YouTube it.

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Nope, I’m cheap and prefer to play the video localy. Flash uses way too many resources for my liking.

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I don’t use it now.

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I don’t mind paying if they skip the commercials. Last year we watched a whole bunch of shows on Amazon Unbox but it looks like the networks aren’t selling through Amazon this year. We have watched some shows from the network websites, but the commercials are getting more and more irritating.

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I used Hulu for a while, but torrents and usenet still offer higher quality, no ads, faster delivery and more selection, for free.

I have a dedicated Mac Mini hooked up to my TV with an automatic usenet download subscribed to an RSS feed of my favorite shows that downloads them all automatically within an hour of them airing on the east coast. They are in full 720p HD quality, with all commercials taken out and I can watch them on my computer, my TV, transfer them to my iPhone, whatever I want to do with them.

They just don’t seem to get that until they make a cheaper, better service available, people are going to keep finding the shows in other ways. The more restrictions and fees they put on digital media, the more it will push people away into alternative methods.

Steam is a great example of how to do it right. A lot of people I know that used to pirate games now buy it on Steam because it’s extremely fast and easy and cheap with their weekend specials, there are limited copy restrictions and there’s a built-in backup of all the games you’ve purchased. That is a better service than you’ll get trying to pirate it, so people don’t mind paying.

Hulu is still an inferior experience to the alternative, and people that are internet savvy know that there are better and easier alternatives to get their favorite shows so they won’t pay for it.

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@StellarAirman ; I wish I was as techno savvy as you!!!

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No. I will watch free stuff on and also on my netflix instant viewing which I can use as much as I want with my minimum $5.00 membership.

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I’m a frequent Hulu viewer.

I would pay a small monthly fee for Hulu if..
1) Shows appeared on it a day after they air on TV. Some shows do this, some you have to wait a week or more.
2) They didn’t have the “Rolling 5” episodes
3) They got more shows that I love. Not going to list every show that I love that Hulu doesn’t have, but some shows like Doctor Who, The X-Files, and Futurama
4) They got some decent films. Not these crappy ones from the 70s. They don’t have to be extremely new, they don’t have to have just come out on DVD, but please, some more stuff from the 21st century.

In its present state, I’m more than willing to be subjected to more adverts, but I wouldn’t ever directly pay for what it is now.

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NOPE. I will never succumb to that.

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FSCK NO! The only reasons internet based content was popular:

(1) FREE

FSCK hulu

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You know, you ARE allowed to say “Fuck” on Fluther.

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I use Hulu all the time and I gladly sit through the multiple 30 second or single 1 minute commercial. I think I’ve watched more commercials with Hulu than I ever did watching cable or broadcast TV (1 30 second commercial is fine to sit through, when it’s 4 or 5 then it’s time to get up and get something from the fridge or whatever).

However, since Hulu does have commercials than I’m not willing to pay for the service. This is one of the reasons why I don’t have cable—I don’t want to pay to watch a lot of commercials.

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