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My mom's PC is typing the wrong symbols and letters...

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) October 26th, 2009

instead of type the sign @, types ” and so on with another letters, how can I fix it?

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you mean shift 2 results in ”? don’t worry, that is the way it is supposed to be.

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@ragingloli I know how it works, but Shift+2=”

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Could be that the keyboard layout got switched. The Hungarian one will do what you described.

Google how to change it for whatever operating system she is using.

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Well, on my computer, I changed my keyboard just to see what would happen. But you might want to go to the control panel, go to region, and language, make sure that you are in the proper region. Then go to keyboard, and choose the “QWERTY” keyboard. That is what I did to change it, and now I use it to play pranks on my dad, who has no idea how to change it.

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My computer will give me several settings for my keyboard, and it types whatever setting I choose.

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Make sure Num Lock isn’t on.

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I confess: I opened this question just so I chortle with smug superiority from behind my Macintosh keyboard.

This was in the siblings:

We behave like religious zealots because — like religious zealots — we believe we’re RIGHT. Mac keyboards just do what we expect them to do. We don’t ask Fluther why our keyboards don’t work.

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@frdelrosario, @2late2be‘s mom’s keyboard works. It just ended up getting set to a different language.

I chortle with smug superiority when Macintosh fanbois say stupid things.

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@frdelrosario: This is what i think when i hear mac fanboys.

Also: every time you brag about a tremendously overpriced computer that, all in all, works just as well as any unix system, god hits Steve Jobs in the nuts with a legally bought Windows 7 computer.

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Macintosh: either you get it or you don’t.

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