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Will it float? Can a mobile art gallery make a profit?

Asked by kruger_d (6266points) October 27th, 2009

I am an art teacher and artist and have been contemplating a mobile art gallery as a small business. Fishing is big here, so I would call it Gallery Bob with the tag line “art that floats” and use fishing bob in the logo. A select number of artists (6?) would give me a commission to display their work at regional venues, events, vacant shop windows, etc. Security would be an issue as it would be largely unmanned with a website to handle purchasing.
Am just curious to get a reaction and hear pros, cons, similar experiences.

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A floating art gallery?
First you have to assume your work will get wet at some point.
Also, people will have to be able to access you. It sounds like this will require a boat which will limit accessibility to your product.

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I think it is a great idea. How will you be doing this? Will you be on a river, lake or floating from town to town? House boat? I think it’s awesome. GO for it!

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The Galley Gallery?

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what an insane idea! I hope you will pull this off.

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Won’t use boat. Only “floating” in the sense that it travels from place to place. Maybe a month in a vacant shop window, then an arts fair, then a hotel lobby, etc.

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??? What??? I’m confused now.
Just a traveling art gallery? Um….those things have existed for years.

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