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What are good lines for asking a girl for her number?

Asked by TEBOWHEISMAN07 (37points) February 5th, 2008
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Hi, can I have your phone number?

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Lines don’t work. Just be real.
I’d suggest talking to a girl before asking for her number. Then if the convo goes well, something like ‘hey I’ve enjoyed talking to you, would it be cool if I call you later? ” or something.

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i lost my number, can i have yours?

… really though, they don’t get much better than that. “lines” are cheesy and overused. and what’s more, they make you look like you just want action… and if you do, then hey, good for you. but if you are actually serious, try talking to her. crazy i know, especially in today’s society. but who knows? It just might work. if you find that you share common interests and things “click” on at least a moderately intellectual level, than just let her know you think highly of her and would like to talk more.

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If you have to ask, you’re probably not going to get it. In my experience if a girl wanted me to call her, she would say, “Hey, call me sometime”.

Not being asked is far more interesting to the woman than being asked.

Ah, what a wicked game. Glad I am not single.

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To second what’s been said:

People know when they’re being fed a line. An honest “hey, I like you, want my phone number?” will get you a lot farther and earn you a lot more credibility than some cheesy joke line.

(And offering your number changes the dynamic: it’s less pressure on her, she’ll probably say yes, and if she is enjoying your company she’ll probably call.)

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Watch for signs that a girl is interested, such as eye contact, tucking her hair behind her ear or casually touching you. Then (be sincere) and say something like “I would really love to call you sometime.” or “I would really love to have coffee with you sometime.” Don’t make it about getting the digits, make it about the promise and possibility of another great interaction.

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A lot of women are nervous about giving out contact info on the off chance that you turn out to be a psychotic stalker type. If you want to make contact with her, consider giving her your number instead, and just asking her to give you a call to keep the conversation going. She’ll feel better if she gets to maintain more control over the contact.

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You dont deserve a girlfriend if you are dumb enough to use a pick-up line. Ugh.

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