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What is your favorite activity to do when it's snowing?

Asked by shego (11081points) October 27th, 2009

Well, there is a storm here, and it started snowing earlier than I expected. But at this moment in time, I think there is about an inch of snow,and it is the best snow, because it is packed, which means it is easier to make snowballs and snowmen. What do you like to do? It doesn’t matter if it’s recreational, or just because. I am going to make a snowman when there is more snow.

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Truck Sleddin’.

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Sledding is pretty awesome.

After it’s dark and everything is quiet, I love taking a walk in it. It’s extremely peaceful and calming.

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I’ve never lived in a place where it snowed, so snow was always part of vacationing at Lake Tahoe. My favorite things to do there during the winter are go up with my friends and snowboard (I don’t really ski) and just hang out. It’s fun being all warm while it’s freezing outside and I love walking around in the snow. Of course, when I was younger I used to love going to a hill area and saucering/sledding.

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We don’t get much snow, but I like to watch it fall and maybe go out in it if I’m feeling brave.

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Snow Angels!


Snowball fights!

And then the snow in NYC gets too dirty after that first day. :,(

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It is so beautiful out here right now. But it is heavy, and I have to shovel the sidewalk in the morning. :(

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When it snowed while I was in high school my favorite thing to do was wish for a snow day. It’s so commonplace though that the schools never canceled.

Otherwise I like to ski, make snow angels, have snowball fights…. Hosed-down snowforts turned to ice are always fun, though parents beg to differ.

I also enjoy avoiding pot holes and fishtailing into mailboxes from time to time.

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I miss walking around in the snow. Since I loved to Oregon, I haven’t had the joy of spreading snow around with my feet. Please, for my sake, go walk around your neighborhood. Everything is more beautiful with a layer of white.

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@Mamradpivo I will try to get some pics tomorrow, and post them.

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Watch it fall, making everything it falls on “clean” looking. This is very significant in a filthy place like Manhattan.

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@Mamradpivo What city do you live in? Did you live here during the insane snowstorm last year?

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I love love love to sit by a window and watch it snow!!
I also really enjoy shoveling snow (I know, w-e-i-r-d)
Going for a walk in the woods, listening to it crunch beneath my boots, admiring all the animal tracks.
Playing with my dogs… my older dog, Tilly likes to go sledding!
I love going out at night when there’s new snow because of how it sparkles beneath the street lamps…
Oh and who could forget… there’s holding hands with your love and kissing in the snow… priceless!

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These days, I like snow as long as I don’t have to do anything in it. If I can stay home, warm and cozy, and watch it through the windows it’s lovely. If I must go out in it, it is the devil. ;-)

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Our couch (and my workstation) face out to the street through two old windows. I like to sit wrapped in a blanket with a nice cup of hot coffee, perhaps a cat or two by my side, and just watch it fall. Something about snow falling over my city that I just love.

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I love going out for walks to visit friends in the snow, then coming back to make cookies and hot chocolate to warm up. I also like doing donuts in the parking lot when it is snowing <3

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I hate snow. It doesn’t fall where I live now, but I grew up in Denver, where it snowed between Halloween and Easter, though not continuously. I like pictures of snow, and I enjoy seeing it on the Sierra peaks from my house.

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I’d have to say watching TV, I hate the cold, when it snows I prefer to stay indoors and try to forget about it.

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“After it’s dark and everything is quiet, I love taking a walk in it. It’s extremely peaceful and calming.”

@DrasticDreamer: I love that too. It’s the quietest quiet ever. ::crunch crunch:: underfoot

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dude, snowboarding, hot chocolate, and snowmen with a cute girl, couldn’t think of a better day.

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Bocce while enjoying mulled wine or “nature chilled” vodka. There’s also drawing in the snow with a rake. Competitive shoveling. Skiing when possible.

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Snow? What is this snow you speak of?

But seriously…

When it rains (much more common where I live), there is nothing better than making some chocolate chip cookies or homemade bread, staying in and reading (where it’s warm or dry or both), or just vegging, staring out the window. If it’s nice enough to be outside, sitting outside on the patio while the rain pours down is calming and quiet, in, I imagine, much the same way @DrasticDreamer says about walking in the new-fallen snow.

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I like to take my four dogs out for a romp in the woods. When I have a young dog, it’s so much fun to see their reaction to their first experience of snow. I also like to go sledding w/my grandkids.

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I love to build snow forts…when I was younger of course…

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I am at my happiest when it is snowing. We have a few large hills in the woods across the street and I always take my children sledding there. I bring my snowboard too. I also love to go in our backyard when it is a heavy snow and just stand there and listen to it as it hits the trees. I wish I were in Colorado now!

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X-C skiing through the silent woods with my dog. Stopping to peel and eat an orange—tastes more orangey than any other orange I’ve had. Watching my dog chew at her paws, trying to dislodge the snow caked up on them. Skiing during a snow storm makes me feel like an owl flying on silent wings. No one knows where I am. No one can see me. I have the world all to myself!

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Sitting inside with the blinds up eating Chinese food in my jammies and watching movies.

My 2nd favorite thing is happening today- Sledding and playing with the nanny kids! I love how kids see the snow as an opportunity to have fun… no worries about the roads being crappy, scraping off the car, doing extra laundry… it’s all hot chocolate and fun.

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Snowboarding for sure. I look forward to it all year round so I’m very excited for heading up to Vail in a month or so.

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Cold and wet, bad. Warm and dry, good. Bah! Snow.

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@aprilsimnel Ugh, don’t remind me. Isn’t lovely how the snow turns into a nice black mush like 2 hours after it snows? Or how about how they pack the snow like 4 feet high up to the curb, turning you into goddamn Cliffhanger whenever you cross the street?

Favorite thing to do in the snow? I love what doing what @DrasticDreamer said, just walking in that eerie silence that follows a snowfall. I love going somewhere where there is an endless field of snow, looking at a 45 degree angle and becoming lost in a sensory overload of white. You lose your bearing a little, and it’s kinda nice.

I also like to eat the magical yellow snow that falls only in small patches. How does the sky know that I love sea salt flavored ice cones?!

It’s like a party, in my mouth.

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Pray that my snowplower is in good health, figure out what to do with Milo (who is predominantly the color of snow), implore the Gods to keep tree limbs from falling on power lines, thank myself for having had the good sense to check the weather reports and stock up on food.

Admire my large pile of dry wood.

And finally, pat myself on the back for having purchased a AWD Subaru Forester in July, when 6 feet of snow for four months is a memory only.

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@Mamradpivo -you didn’t live here last winter?

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Building a BIG snowman… I hope it snows here in the UK (up North) this Christmas!!!

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Baking chocolate chip cookies. Once I told a friend that when it snows I bake chocolate chips and now every time it’s snowing she e-mails me from work and says she is coming over.

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Well, there is 8 inches in my backyard right now, and it will continue to snow till like 6 tomorrow night. :)

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i like playing in it with my kids. That is, until I’ve shoveled it for a couple of months, then i want it to go away.

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@shego ~ may I come over to play in it, please?!?

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@jannbb: Next time it snows, you may hear a knock at the door. Just sayin’.

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@cprevite Plenty of cookies to go around. Come on in!

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Well, while its snowing I prefer to be inside drinking a warm beverage. Hot chocolate seems to be my choice in the snow. But after its finished snowing I like to go snowmobiling!

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Sledding is always fun no matter how old you are!:D
Snow angels are awesome!!
Drink some hot cocoa! :) mmmm…cocoa
I agree with @DrasticDreamer when it’s dark,take a walk outside! I do that with my family and we’d just watch the stars and the moon and its really peaceful and nice..:)

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Acrobatic sex…. and once i’m done possibly skiing, snow boarding or sledding.
Not a huge fan of making snow angels. I do however like off trail skiing!

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Well, I couldn’t get any good pics, I am in the process of trying to dry out my camera. I have now clue how it ended up in the snow, but it did. Now I guess I might need to get a new one. But at the rate that it is snowing, I’m not going anywhere tomorrow. In the backyard, there is 15 inches of snow, and I’m expecting another 10 inches by this time tomorrow night.

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removed by me

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@shego Sounds like heaven to me! except for the ruining your camera part

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@jonsblond I’m loving it. I can’t wait till tomorrow.

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I live in Phoenix, Arizona where it has snowed about 2 times in the past 30 years and both times were just flukes in the weather. On both days, I think I stayed indoors where it was safe because anytime any kind of precipitation hits the roads in Phoenix, people immediately begin to drive like complete morons.

While confined to my house, I probably played video games, surfed the Internet, and watched a lot of movies.

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I wish it snowed here :(

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@pinkparaluies We’re up to about a foot, and another 8 inches expected today… It’s lovely and fun, but I’d be happy to share the wealth!

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@Likeradar OMG. Where are you?

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@pinkparaluies CO. It’s gorgeous out with all the snow, but damn. It took me 40 minutes to go to work today, and it usually takes 15.

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@Likeradar I know exactly what you mean. But I didn’t drive to the grocery store, I walked, and fell into a snowdrift. It is hard to get out of one of those.
Heed my warning, beware of snowdrifts, they are evil.
Now I think that there is too much snow, there is 22 inches in my backyard. :( It was fun but not anymore.

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I wonder what deni’s doing. This was her weekend to fly out there.

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I like walking around and taking pictures! I especially like going in the woods. It’s so peaceful.

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Snowmen and so on, or just watch it from the window when it actually is snowing. I’ve spent most of my life in places where it never snows, so I enjoyed snow on those few winters when I’ve lived in colder countries (Germany, Poland and Denmark).

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