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Do you have an astigmatism and wear contacts?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) February 6th, 2008

i’m thinking of trying to get contacts again. i tried about ten years ago and it was a very long, expensive, and disappointing six months! someone suggested i look into contacts again, since the technology and materials have advanced. i’d like to know other people’s experience with contacts and what kind of lenses they have.

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Yes. I’ve got really bad vision and an astigmatism and have worn contacts for years. They are getting much better and the ones I’ve been the happiest with have been the Acuvue Oasys. They just work for me. They’re durable, stay clear and don’t make my eyes feel dry at the end of the day.

One thing you may want to consider is getting a workup and asking for a free trial pair to save you time, money and hassle. Hopefully you won’t need Toric lenses, but I’ve heard those are really comfortable these days, too.

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Yes, I’ve used contacts many years ago and it was a bad experience for me. Past December I’ve ordered a new set of contacts and now I’m wearing it and it’s great. My vision was improved a lot and I can now miss the glasses that were dirty all the time.

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Yes, I have an astigmatism and have worn contacts happily for the past 15 years. The technology has improved a lot—they are also easier to clean and maintain. Over the years I have tried different kinds, and have had good experiences with both the permanent and the disposable kind.

I have an astigmatism in one eye and no astigmatism in the other, so now I use disposable lenses of two different brands, and I like them a lot. For the astigmatism I use a Vertex Toric, which is a one-month disposable lens, and for the other non-astigmatic eye I use an Acuvue 2-week disposable lens (non astigmatism). I prefer these to the “permanent” lenses (which need to be replaced after a year anyway).

I actually think the astigmatic toric lenses are easier to put in and take out, since they are slightly larger and less gummy, so they stay in a concave shape on your fingertip as you are trying to put them in.

You should ask your opthamologist if you can try a sample…most opthamologists will let you try a sample of the disposable lenses and you can see how they feel before you go ahead and order a years’ supply.

Try ‘em—I think you’ll be happy. FYI, I still wear my glasses on days when I get less than 6 hours of sleep, because I find contacts (of any type) irritating if I haven’t slept a lot, so if you’re new to contacts you might not want to put them in on days when you’re not well rested.

Also, if you are lucky enough to have medical insurance that includes vision coverage, you’ll find that this should cover a year’s worth of contact lenses, and is often a better deal than applying for free glasses under your insurance, since most people don’t need new glasses every year—and insurance rarely covers the trendy stylish frames anyway.

Whew—this was a long answer—hope this helps!

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Astigmatism contacts have come a long way… they used to be very thick plastic, almost like hard lenses. I have pretty bad astigmatism, and now wear 2 week disposables (since they don’t offer dailies in my perscription), and they’re MUCH more wearable…. in fact, I haven’t gotten around to replacing my glasses in 3 months!

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I have astigmatism, and I’ve had contacts before. I didn’t wear them regularly, so I stopped wearing them at all—I spend all day staring at computer screens, and contacts of any sort are a major pain in that area.

Many brands of contacts offer eye doctors sample pairs: it’s worth asking and trying them out for a week or two. They have come a long way since the first time I got contacts in 1992 or so.

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