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Harder to find friends?

Asked by curtaincall (124points) February 7th, 2008 from iPhone

my wife and I are 25 and 26 and we were talking last night and we are finding it so hard to meet friends now that we are a little older. Especially couples, being the third wheel is no fun. Has anyone else found this to be true? Have any advice?

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Yes, but that was some time ago. Me and my wife did more thing “just us” and actually became closer for it.We began to travel more and cook at home for example. As our old friends got married we began to once again have more common interist with them and again hung out together once again. This time doing slightly different things. Dinner parties with friends and their friends are great for couples to meet new couples.

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In your early/mid 20’s its harder to find friends as some of your friends are single, some committed, some married, etc .. so as mentioned, it’s sometimes harder to find things to do with other friends as they don’t want to be the third wheel

In my opinion, your best bet is to network. So many ways to find people out there with things like Facebook and MySpace these days. I’ve made many friends online that turned into good friends in the “real world” or are simply good friends that I talk to online anyways through networking

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Check out this site.

Find something you and your wife would enjoy doing together and get involved. If you do you’ll probably meet people with similar interests and next thing you know friends. with common interests your friendships will be more rewarding.

By the way hows the no smoking going?

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ahhh my wife and I started smoking again

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When you find an interest that either one or both of you share that can lead to friends. Whether it be working out at a gym, or doing a sport, night classes, or painting, or something where the quantity of people is increased. Then if you hit it off with someone (and omg the entire WORLD seems to be married…) you could do something together like a movie, or theatre, or dinner etc. And if you live near them is even better. Then you could just visit each other. Although I def agree with ovaslim and the “facebook” “myspace” answer. There are so many great people on there, the general problem is they dont live near you.

The funny part is there are SO many people just like you in your boat but most dont realize it. I find that when people have a passion for something then that leads to making friends of the same type/interests.

The difficulty i would say is finding couples without children. I think it would be difficult to be close to people with children if you dont have them is my guess, because i just know when people have kids EVERYTHING is about their kids. Day and night. I actually find people get super boring when they have kids (might just be the parents i know – send all hatemail to: artemisdivine@)

Now if you want TONS of “special” friends. consider swinging (he he…)

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We agree 100% we are 24 and 28 and we are kind of stuck in that akward stage where it is really hard to find friends, like really hard lol. We do have some friends like one that I have been friends with for many many years and her husband. Also one set of friends like this from him too… But as far as finding new friends it seems damn near unachievable. But when you do find true friends they are there forever, and I am so certain that by the time we are our parents age lol that we will have some pretty kick as friends to go do things with every weekend just like they do.

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