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Best compact or subcompact digital camera that offers full manual controls?

Asked by Skeeter (14points) February 7th, 2008

What is the best compact or subcompact digital camera that offers full manual controls? Thank you!

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Ricoh GR D II, in my opinion. Lovely wide lens (no zoom, for a wide zoom check out the caplio GX100), nice manual controls, faster than its predecessor at RAW. It’s on my shopping list after comparing it with the Canon Powershot G9 (which I liked in many ways). Check out Flickr camera finder to have a look at results and see which you like.

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Take a look at the Nikon Coolpix p5100. I find the is a good place to look at camera reviews. I am not sure the “Full manual controls” and ” compact” can be found in the same camera.

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Samsung NV line is great, I have the NV 20.

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I just read an article on exactly that dilemma. The Sigma DP1 was recommended. The super cool part about it, is that is has a DSLR sensor in it, so you great great quality shots in a compact frame.

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Olympus digitals were always the “tweaker” cameras. Simple, but lots of hidden depth, even on their low-end models.

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you don’t mention your price range…but I have the Ricoh GRD. Best solid compact for manual controls. Image quality at ISO 400 an under is superb. It has a fixed lens, so you cant zoom, so youre aware.Canon G9, though alot bulkier, has very good manual controls. Those are the 2 best for compacts with manual controls. The canon will win out on overall image quality though. Another site to check out is They have pretty in depth reviews for most cameras. Also is a good source.

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For sure a Canon G9. Its slightly bulkier, but its seriously worth it. Its lacking when you pump up the ISO, or when it comes to macro, but the image quality is superb. Also the interface of the camera is very intuitive and “Canon” like. (which could be a good or bad thing)

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Got the Canon G9. Thanks, everyone, for the advice!

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