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How do you feel about sharing the food on your plate?

Asked by drdoombot (8145points) November 1st, 2009

Inspired by a Friends rerun that was just on.

I don’t why, but I am reluctant about giving up any of the food on my plate. This has resulted in many a dirty look from my brothers when all they wanted was a bite of my delicious food.

I can’t think of a reason, except maybe I’ve already eyeballed the amount that is going in my belly and I won’t feel satisfied unless I get that amount. I’ve been like this since I was young and I’m still not over it entirely. A solution I came up with, which is not much of a solution, was to prepare extra food and leave it on another plate or in the frying pan. If someone asks to try whatever I’m having, I direct them to the leftovers not on my plate.

Am I just weird or do other people do this? And if Joey from Friends and I are the only ones who are like this, what the hell is wrong with us? At least he’s fictional. What’s my excuse?

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If it’s a special person, or my sister, the plate is immediately put between us with the understanding that they can have whatever’s on it.

Anyone else gets stabbed if they don’t ask first.

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I have kids. I dont really have a choice.

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i’ll share with anyone

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I do it with my wife, and my friends all the time. I have no fear of sharing. Sharing is good, and sharing food is the best. Why do you think I cook only the best cuts of meat at my annual Halloween party?

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If you are just really hungry and want all of your food, then I guess that makes sense. In most cases though, people don’t feel unfulfilled from just missing 1 bite of food. I gladly share food off my plate- less food available means less I eat!

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LBJ used to take food off of his fellow diner’s plates without asking. Many a Head of State got a shock while supping with the late president Johnson.

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My vitamins are your vitamins.

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I split almost everything that I order or make. My Mother made me rather peckish about food.

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Why wouldn’t I share?

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I share food off my plate most of the time. Although I have stabbed someone with my fork over a chicken nugget. As long as a person asks, is nice, or blood, I will usually give it to em. But place one grimy hand near my plate like you own it, and you get stabbed.

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With friends like mine, I don’t have much of a choice.

With a friend like me, my friends don’t have much of a choice either.

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I’ll share. I have plenty.

This question made me remember a situation where I was at a nice restaurant with my family. A woman from a table next to me thought my dish looked good and asked if she could try it. As I recall, I told her it was very good and that she would do well to order this dish for herself.


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I don’t mind sharing at all, as long as it’s with people that I’m close to. If someone I don’t know that well tries to grab something off my plate without asking, I might not say anything to them, but it makes me extremely pissy. I think it might be primitive or something.

Edit: Just want to add that if I go out to eat and have a bunch left over, I happily tell people to help themselves. There’s just something about strangers taking directly from my plate that really, really bothers me.

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To be honest, this really never comes up. I think it last happened when my friend asked “can I have a fry?” when we went to In ‘n’ Out. Am I just missing out on something fundamental here? Why don’t people ask me for food? :(

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Never steal a man’s meat!

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If I like the person wanting some of my food, it’s fine. If I don’t say I’m reluctantly at a meal with people who of fond of me, yet I do not return their feelings, then they should keep their forks to themselves.

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My food is my food.

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My creamed spinach is your creamed spinach.

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I sort of have the “feed people” instinct that Robin Mckinley mentions in her (phenomenonal) Sunshine, so sharing has never been a problem.

Usually people tell me to stop because I share too much.

Have a cupcake! And a muffin! And a slice of cake! And some toffee! Want some coffee? Tea? Water? Milk?

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i have mixed opinions on this, i don’t mind if my friend asks me for some of my noodles. but if some random who i’m not really good friends with asks me for some i will straight up refuse them.

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@evegrimm What I’d give to be your friend..

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At least give me eye contact and a nodding motion. As long as there is some form of agreement between the two parties, I don’t mind.

I’m cool with it.

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I’m very strange because I usually don’t feel hungry I eat only because I like what it’s on the plate or because I’m bored.I also eat when my mom force me.
I have a little brother which is opposite of me so whenever I have to eat something that I hate I share very happily all my plate with him.
And about sharing with people that I like I’m totally in as long they respect the fact that the plate is mine.
One of my favorite distractions is to go with my friends(4–5)to an oriental restaurant(chinese,turkish,japanese,indian etc)and everyone orders something different and everybody eats from everybody.It’s a great way to socialise and have fun.

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I don’t mind sharing with people I know. But when somebody I know takes something off my plate without asking, I tell them that they can now have the plate of food. I make them feel bad. But I am also very picky about people touching my food. I don’t let the servers put my food in the take home boxes. I have to. I don’t know what illness they might have, or where their hands have been.

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Sharing food off our plates is very common in our family. When the whole clan gets together, there is a lot of sharing.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic – that is a funny story, I can’t imagine a stranger asking to taste my food. You were very tactful!

I don’t mind sharing unless it is something really good and I want it all, I will still share only grudgingly. But I don’t like anyone using my utensils, they have to supply their own utensils!

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My motto is Feed The Planet. I shove food at anyone who comes over. I’m like the perfect grandma in waiting. I give up almost half of every meal to hubbs. My eyes are bigger than my stomach and he’s a good eater. Win-win.

@evegrimm—I do the same thing. Eat, you look too skinny! Here have a cookie. Are you thirsty? Perhaps you’d rather some chili, oh and here’s a roll, and some sour cream. Pie?—

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@evegrimm and @gemiwing I need more friends like you folk!

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That reminds me of what my mom says to me sometimes. It’s become kind of a joke now. “You’re too skinny! Are you sure you’ve had enough? I wouldn’t want my baby to starveā€¦” lol :)

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If it’s someone I like, I want to share with them. Everyone else needs to keep their paws to themselves.

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We’re Italian. Sharing food is a way of life.

I’ll certainly share directly off my plate if I know you and you ask first. Just don’t reach in unexpectedly when I’m in eating mode…you may come away with one or two less fingers.

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It’s never really bothered me providing the food that people are trying to “share” with me isn’t limited and something I really love, leaving me less to enjoy because someone has taken it off my plate! I think it’s a culture thing as I, like @cprevite was raised to share food and so I never really think anything of it. It’s completely normal for my family and close friends and I to do so.

On a side note: @cprevite do you find that your family are REALLY loud at the dinner table with about 5 or 6 conversations going on at once? I justify my family’s habit of this by saying “Hey! It’s culture”!!!

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@Leanne1986: Absolutely. And my wife’s family is from Italy (by way of Argentina), so our conversations are loud, overlapping and in English, Italian and Spanish – with food flying from one end of the table to another.

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I lik foodz.

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My rules on this subject are germ related. My husband can eat anything he wants from my plate, except the last bite, because I kind of plan my last bite to be perfect. Other people can try a taste with a clean fork, or I will give them a piece if they prefer. Typically, I will offer a taste to the table before I dig in if I am in the mood to share. I HATE when someone just takes from my plate or drinks from glass without asking. Again, my husband is the only exception.

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When my husband & I were dating, I once stabbed his hand w/my fork as he tried to take some of my food. Hey, I gave him fair warning!! And he married me anyway. ;-) Now we give each other bites of our food at restaurants, if it’s really good.
@JLeslie , I often do that ‘last bite’ thing too.

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@ccrow Thanks for saying so. :) My husband thinks I am strange about that.

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He just doesn’t understand that we want to finish our meals with the perfect blend of flavors! :-)

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It’s all good unless it’s a total stranger (unless this stranger is particularly charismatic)

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Are you like this only at home or out with friends or a date? Sharing food doesn’t bother me if it’s little bites here and there and we’ve agreed to share ahead of time or it’s my SO- I always enjoy to feed an SO tidbits of what I think is delicious.

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