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Is no-shave november only for guys?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2422points) November 2nd, 2009

Do girls participate??.... can they? I mean I know some of us tend to get lazy during the winter but does it count in the same way as guys growing out their facial hair? If it’s to raise money for charity wouldn’t it be beneficial to let girls join in the fun?? not that I’m particularly interested in being hairy, but hypothetically

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No, NSN is for guys only.

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not any girls who want to get up in my fruit of the looms.

Novemburns. Septembeard. it can be any month. but only for guys.

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I say sure.
Women are more than welcome to join us in not shaving our faces.


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Unfortunately, members of the military cannot participate :(

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Sure, women could participate. Just as long as they are aware how gross it is for a man to rub legs with a similarly hairy woman.

Personally I shave my face most days because that’s how my wife likes it. She, in turn, shaves her legs most days because that’s how I like it.

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I’m all for women not shaving their faces during november (which in some women can become quite a hairy situation)... as far as the rest of it goes, hygiene is timeless and no month of the year should see anyone ignoring it.

also… velcro action from hairy legs is very not sexy. Do. Not. Want.

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@Dr_C: Then maybe you should shave too. :-P

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@KatawaGrey Maybe his wife/girlfriend isn’t into lesbianism. XD

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@KatawaGrey Actually the missus likes me to have a beard… i do however trim and maintain said beard as well as other areas of interest… i also shower and wear deodorant on a daily basis :p

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@Dr_C: Haha, I meant the legs. If you’re both smooth, there’s no velcro! :)

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so basically I have to continue to be smooth while my boyfriend transforms into a hair version of himself..

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@sevenfourteen I’m sure he would do your bidding were you to… give him some “attention” in special areas of interest.

Short of that, if you want him to shave and he won’t.. then go ahead.. grow an amazon forest on your legs.

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I think it’s every woman for herself..The good news is that the older you get the less problem the legs are. I can’t believe that women still buy into the inequities. Male hair is more profuse than female hair but women have a hygeine issue? Men are uncomfortable rubbing against women’s hairy legs-what about men’s hairy legs, chests and faces? Girls if you want to maintain a hairless profile for yourself OK but the guys who go for it as well as an extremely boyish figure are into pre-adolescents than mature women.

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@KatawaGrey bike when I still raced (road bike/ pool:100meter free style) shaving was a must.. since i no longer have a need to be aerodynamic.. not so much of an emphasis anymore. plus the missus would not approve :P

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Geez, some of you little boys really have a problem with women having body hair. ;)

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I didn’t know NSN was some universal thing…I heard someone mention it here at college, but I thought they just made it up. Interesting. Of course, I’m a guy and I still don’t shave—alas…oh well… :)

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Wow, I did not shave in November and I did not know it was no-shave November.

And, who makes this crap up? No shave November?
How about no jamming your ball December?

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Girls can totally participate in No Shave November! I remember last year my roomate and her friends did not shave their legs for the entire month. They wore jeans all the time so it’s not like anyone noticed.

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im a guy who will not be partaking in this. i don’t want to look like a caveman thanks though.

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@patg7590 I know. I don’t know what compelled them to do that.

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I never heard of No Shave November. In any case, my husband’s ancestors were Japanese so he has very little body and facial hair and only shaves his face one every month or so. And I am hypothyroid, so I also have little body or facial hair.

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@patg7590: Are you a man or a woman?

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@KatawaGrey ouch, in the words of a Fluther great: “Possessing a Schlong”

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@patg7590: Yeah, I figured. Unless you’re legs are perfectly smooth, you kinda have no right to pass judgment on a woman’s hairy legs. Leg hair is disgusting on men too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to force myself to get past the forest on his legs so I don’t throw up on him.

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@KatawaGrey I don’t rub bare legs with men, so it’s not too great a concern.

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Last year, several of my female students (high school) participated in No-shave November and ha a leg hair growing contest. They all put 5 bucks in the pot and the girl whose hair was the longest at the end of the month (and who’d made it the whole time) won the money. I think it was a good idea as, in my opinion, they were all too young to be rubbing legs with other people :)

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i love body hair on a man! and i’m old—none of my body hair is giving up-changing color maybe.

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It is common for older women to lose some hair as hormones change. Why do you think so many 60+ women wear those feathery teased short do’s. The better to look like there’s more, it’s an illusion. I can still do a bob but the weight of long hair looks bad. I was thrilled to realize leg hair, which was always pretty light was gone completely.

I’m also old enough to like natural men. Hairlessness looks prepubescent to mature women, too.

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This always seemed like a silly tradition. How did this come into existence anyway?

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic It was decided a few years ago at another Manting. We got tired of shaving our faces, it’s a real pain in the buttocks. We decided to slowly but surely weed shaving out of our lives.
Until 2012, there’s one “no shave” month per year. From 2012 till 2020, there are two “no shave” months. So on, and so forth.

You really ought to come to these meetings. I keep sending you the e-vites but you never e-rsvp.

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Women shaving or not shaving their legs has nothing to do with hygiene. If it were more hygenic to shave one’s legs, men would shave too. It’s purely a style/cultural thing, and there are plenty of women who don’t shave their legs already. My guess is there are lots of women who won’t shave this November – because they choose not to shave their legs any month of the year.

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i don’t think the hygiene was referring to legs

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@occ the fact that its purely cultural for women to shave is why I don’t see a problem with them participating.

@DominicX @ChazMaz – I’ve only been aware of it for a few years, mostly because the guys that I know that do it take a picture everyday or weekly to show their progress

@global_nomad @zephyr826 – our field hockey team had a bet to see who could go the whole season without shaving.. our shinpads irritated shaved legs so it just became a thing… until my ex came to visit

@patg7590 why are guys so against hairy legs if they themselves cannot rub their legs against a girl and feel how smooth she may be.. yes hands work just as well but it sends shivers down my back to think of rubbing a guys legs against mine.

@NaturalMineralWater I like the way you think :)

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@Sarcasm, @Dr_C & @patg7590 For the record, you don’t know how uncomfortable shaving your legs in the winter can be. If I shave and my legs and get cold my hair still tries to stand on end, under my skin. It doesn’t feel good at all.

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@fundevogel like i said.. when i raced and swam i shaved… summer fal and winter… i know what it’s like… (and trust me… going down a highway at over 30 MPH in the winter time or jumping into a cold outdoor pool can have teh same effect). Still doesn’t change my stance on the subject.

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@Dr_C But you got to quit and I’m toying with the idea of laser removal. That’s hardly fair.

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Wow you guys call it “No shave November” haha. In Australia where it was founded we call it Movember. “Mo” for moustache and… well you get the rest.

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Well It’s December 26th and I have yet to shave. Turns out the Mrs (and some Jellies) liked the beard and have told me I should keep it for a while. I trim so it’s not like a “Castaway” type beard…. but well, it seems NSN has been extended indefinitely.

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