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What's your interpretation of this sculpture?

Asked by Clair (3812points) November 2nd, 2009

I love this piece. It’s at the university I plan on transferring to. However, my fiancee and I have opposing viewpoints on it’s meaning. What’s your take?
It’s the first one, entitled ‘Well’

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It hurts my head

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meh I think it’s about the future of how we will live. I live on a boutique street in Portland and all this stuff started looking the same to me

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I see it as a rejection of Christianity
EDIT: I just thought about it. Maybe it’s saying that faith/religion/whatever is like a child stuck in a well. We must grab from the depths of that well in order to have real faith

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I love it! Any idea on it’s size?

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It seems to refer to Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well, drinking the living water. Jacob’s well.

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@filmfann It’s about 3 feet tall.

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It places Jesus’ Crucifixion in a multiverse. I have to think about that some more.

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I interpret it as a form of kaleidoscopic imagery with religious undertones and a hint of uniqueness topped off with a dash of attractiveness.

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Thanks everyone for all the fast responses.
This is very interesting. I view it as a fabulously ridiculous display of irony in religion and plasticity of religious views. Hence plastic fencing, velvet fabric and neon lights.

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I just wonder if the creator (of the sculpture?) is making a living doing stuff like this???

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I see it as something that some people from where I’m from would adore. The deer, the plastic, the “kaleidoscopic imagery”... I know some people who would love it and wonder where they would get one.

Makes you wonder where I’m from, doesn’t it?

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@rooeytoo He’s a professor.
@avvooooooo Yes it does!

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The Southernmost part of Georgia. Land of Baptists and year-round deer in yards.

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well it is unique, but beyond that it does not strike my fancy. But hey, art is individual and subjective. I often look at my scrap wood pile with it’s brilliant reds and stark whites and think it is better than some of my carvings, heheheh!

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@virtualist “It places Jesus’ Crucifixion in a multiverse. I have to think about that some more.”, I said, earlier.

Actually Hindu religions say, And who will search through the wide infinities of space to count the universes side by side, each containing its Brahma, its Vishnu, its Shiva?

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Oh, and occasionally deer in obscene positions when people get loaded and decide to rearange decorations.

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It looks like those tacky things that might be in a front yard, like a fake deer eating the grass, or those awful velvet paintings. Or when people leave fairy lights up all year long. And it’s so white and looks so plastic. It’s like you aren’t getting a deep sense of what the faith might mean to someone, but a cheap plastic version of it. With lights.

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Meh. I don’t like at all. Does nothing for me.

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I think of toilets
that’s the first thing that came to mind
therefore to me it represents commonplace meaninglessness
if I say that’s like religion, to me, will I get dumped down the well

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I like “range valve” the best out of all of them.

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I think it’s ridiculous but then I’m the type of person who thinks, “I know how to make big bucks. I will get the longest fake nails available, buy some HUGE framed eyeglasses and get a big canvas. I’ll pick up a can of neon green paint and splash it on the canvas and put it in an art show for 10K dollars after signing
it with some fake, elaborate signature. Underneath it will be a white card reading, “Green Grass AT the Epitome” or something. I’ll strike a silly, confident pose next to my “art” and wait for some fool to write me a check. I will claim to have shown my work all over Paris and fake a French accent.

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