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If people with Doctorate degrees are called "Doctor", why aren't people with Masters' degrees called "Master"?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14591points) November 2nd, 2009

In some ways, having the “Master” title might be more awesome than being called “Doctor”.
“Hello, I’m Master Jackson. Pleased to meet you.”
It’s almost like being a Jedi.

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Call yourself what ever you want.

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You already were a Master, before you were a Mister.

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If I were a guy, I wouldn’t want the negative connotation of the word “Master” thrown around lightly for a college degree.

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@SpatzieLover Alphabetically-yeah

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I’d prefer the Latin Magister. Though it has nothing to do with magic I’d feel very wizardly being called something like that.

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Imagine: A white college professor walks into a classroom at a prestigious, historically African-American university…
“Hello students, I’m professor John Doe. But you can call me Master Doe. Hahahaha!”

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Master@holden That’s why I made the second post ;)

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@cyndihugs The term for an unmarried man is “Master”, like the term for an unmarried woman is “Miss”. Nothin’ to do with alphabets

I don’t know. But I just now realized that The Doctor‘s mortal enemy is The Master.

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@Sarcasm it’s usually unmarried and young child…it’s under 12 or 13 for etiquette on letters.

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@holden Ok, you have a point. That’s not so good.
@Sarcasm OK, you get mad lurve for Dr. Who.

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@Sarcasm In the dictionary, master comes before mister.
@The_Compassionate_Heretic “Compassionate, I am your master.” ;)

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It would be bad for the family I knew, all boys, with the last name “Bates”.

Yes, I was an immature high school student.

But seriously, I’ve always felt that you get a special title for completing a doctoral degree because it’s a tonne of work. Masters degrees are lots of work, true, but doctoral degrees are even more work. My two cents.

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GA for the lowbrow humor!

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Awesome Question!

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In the dungeon, my SO addresses me as “Master” or else it gets the hose again.

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I have a Masters’ Degree. Does that make me a Mistress? Hmmm Not sure if that’s any better.

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my wife had a doctorate, and HATES to be called doctor. she would just rather be called her name

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Docctorate degrees require so much work and dedication and while master’s degree require work, it’s nothing compared to a doctorate, and tons and tons of people have master’s, so I just think a doctorate gets a special distinction because it is speciall

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Master already has meaning: it is an heir to an estate who has not yet reached the age of majority.

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@evegrimm Stole my answer. I was an immature high school studnet once too – even though it was a long, long time ago.

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@Sarcasm That was my first thought, too, being a Dr. Who fan.

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