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How do teeth get stained? What are the different types of stains?

Asked by Joshua (1points) November 4th, 2009

I regularly clean my teeth and take enough care of it but still they do get stained.I just want to know How do teeth get stained? What are the different types of stains?

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I think coffee and cigarettes stain teeth pretty badly.

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Yellowing stains are caused by coffee, dark cola’s, and tea. Grey teeth can be caused by tetracycline given at a young age or while a fetus is in utero. The yellow staining can be whitened by products with peroxide like Crest White Strips. Grey teeth do not respond well to whiteners.

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How is the enamel on your teeth? My son doesn’t drink red wine because it stains his teeth purple; it’s because the enamel didn’t develop normally.

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Blueberries are extremely staining as well as all of the ^^^^^above mentioned.

@Joshua If it’ll stain your shirt or a porous surface (like a counter top) over time it will stain your teeth.

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red wine is the worst. teeth get yellower with age. good brushing will keep alot of the tobacco and tea stain off. bleaching strips work great.

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