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Today is Saxophone Day, how will you celebrate?

Asked by erichw1504 (26433points) November 6th, 2009

The Saxophone is a classical woodwind instrument. It is an essential instrument in jazz bands, symphonic bands, marching bands and more. It’s only fitting that this great instrument has a day of recognition all to its own.

How will you celebrate? Do you know how to play the saxophone or know anyone that does? Who’s your favorite saxophonist? Any good songs that feature the instrument?

Please share your saxophone memories with us all!

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My favorite all time saxophonist is the former sax player and founding member of the Dave Matthews Band, LeRoi Holloway Moore.

I played around on the sax in music class in high school, and although I never mastered it I did learn to play a couple of songs. Most of my music training is in theory and piano playing.

So it’s saxophone day, eh? Guess I’ll be cranking some DMB, and giving props to LeRoi!!

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We have three alto sax players in my family. Me, my husband and our oldest son. I just might have to break out my sax tonight. I still have the one my parents bought me in the 7th grade. That was (gasp) 25 years ago It’s still in great shape!

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I was actually listening to Can as I came across this question. It’s neat there is a saxophone day.

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While it’s not as bad as a clarinet, there are still times when a saxophonist is playing something that makes me want to claw my ears off.

But usually I like the music much better than that. I’ve rarely played with a saxophonist and I think it would be really a lot of fun. Especially with a musician who had a very sensitive touch. I’m not a big fan of loudness.

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My sister is a saxophonist. She took it up when we lived in Venezuela, and we had to get someone to bring her one from the US as none were to be had incountry. I still remember the day she got it and went outside to play it. The neighbors wanted to know when we got the cow.

She went on to play in an all-girl jazz band in Kansas City, but now she is a tenured English professor.

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I’ll drink to that!

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I’ll enjoy as much sax as I can.

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I’ll toot my own horn.

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I’ll bang my own drum.

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You guys have a lot of brass.

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That musician has a big brass!

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Is it really. I just love my fathers baritone sax. I can play it just a little bit. We can make music like KC and the Sunshine band. YAY!

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by listening to some coltrane. =)

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By not playing a saxophone.

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I once played a wedding with an eclectic band: guitar, flute, bass, sax, and accordion.

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I won’t celebrate. I don’t like Saxophones.

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Chris Greene, Chicago, Illinois. Check out the Chris Greene Quartet at

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I’ll listen to Henry Rollins, and some other great sax jazz.

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Where did all these arbitrary obervances come from?

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I will listen to Dark Side of The Moon and relish Dick Parry’s amazing solo work there!

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