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I want to start surfing this summer, what board should I start with?

Asked by kurtman (101points) November 8th, 2009

I’m 6’2” @ 160lbs and I was looking at maybe a 7’6” funboard, would that be a wise decision? I live very close to the beach so I would be able to go at least 3 times a week. The only reason I say this is because I feel that since I would be able to go often, a funboard would be something that would allow me to get more of a feel for moving on the waves rather than using a longboard to start. (the width would be somewhere near 20” too)

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A lot depends on the type of waves at your beach. What area are you in and I will ask my surfin’ spouse.

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@Dog thanks! and I’m on the jersey shore so we get a variety of waves from knee to overhead.

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Okay here is his advice:

Rent a board (no larger than 9’0”) to start but first check in with the local surf shop to be sure you get the longest board to learn on that the waves in your area can handle.

Once you have gotten the basics down then that is the time to buy a shorter board. He thinks you will graduate to the shorter board pretty quick so it is better to rent at first.

He also wants to add that if you start off too short you could be real frustrated and it will slow the learning process down a lot.

By the way- I am learning this summer too but we are in California.

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@Dog thanks to the both of you! Summer cant come quick enough… lol

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I agree! My spouse is lucky- he works in Hawaii at least once a month. Talk about awesome surfing! No wetsuit required!

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A surfboard.

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I learned on a 9’ longboard – that said, I’m 5’ tall, so hopping up on something nearly twice my height was very helpful! I think a funboard is a great idea, although I agree you should rent a board first – I don’t think anyone should actually buy a funboard, long-term it doesn’t make any sense. Unless you buy it used and for really cheap!

Good luck! Surfing can be frustrating at first but super addicting once you’ve gotten some good rides in. :)

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I suggest you discuss this with the dealers and instructors in your area. They will be more familiar with the brands and any local specials that are available. You should definitely seek professional advice for something so important.

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