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Which NFL player has the most super bowl rings?

Asked by altamerc (41points) November 8th, 2009

NFL player while playing and coaching

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lots of steelers from the 70s have four. i dont think any recent players have that many, but i could be wrong. terry bradshaw, mel blount, john stallworth, lynn swann, several more.

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Six: Conditioning coach Mike Woicik has three with the Dallas Cowboys and three with the New England Patriots. The Pittsburgh Steelers have five club employes with six superbowl rings, including defensive tackle Joe Greene who has won four as a player and two as the Steelers’ special assistant for player personnel. Dan Rooney won each of his six rings as an executive with the Steelers.

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woot woot pittsburgh!!!

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It asked which NFL PLAYER has the most rings.

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Well right, I’m sure everyone care about the conditioning coach.

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well in the question it does say “while playing and coaching”

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Charles Haley: two with San Francisco and three with Dallas (all 5 as a player—the most rings won as a player)

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