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How's Ebay for selling a laptop?

Asked by heymarci (5points) February 11th, 2008

Anyone have any experience or tips for selling a very lightly used laptop (it’s a Sony Vaio) on Ebay?

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Hopefully you are not a scammer hoping to get an offer on the side of fluther only to swindle the buyer. :)

If you are indeed legit, then…
It used to be pretty safe to sell electronics on eBay. Now you have to be very careful of buyer scams. Use your head and don’t respond to messages and offers you will certainly get. Take good pictures of the condition of the laptop prior to shipping it and require that it be insured. Make sure the buyer understands that you are no longer responsible for the laptop once you ship it and offer both tracking and insurance to them.

When you start getting towards the end of the auction, look at the feedback of your bidders. You can tell quickly if the buyer may be a problem child and you can cancel their bid if you choose not to do business with them.

Personally I would never buy a laptop off of eBay. I’d compare it to buying a rental car. You never know what it has been through. Except for the toughbook line laptops are pretty sensitive to drops and sometimes that can be hidden.

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eh. if you live in a big city, use instead. It is freeeeeee.

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The short answer: eBay is great for selling almost everything. Personally, I have sold a bunch of electronics at good profitable prices.

As tek0lust pointed out, there are a lot of scams on eBay. So make sure to put as much detail possible on your item description – be clear and specific. Also try to avoid shipping abroad since it’s too much hassle. And heres the general rule of thumb I use while selling—- if a buyer has 10 stars or less, don’t accept the offer and for payments, put Paypal only (since it’s extremely safe plus offers protection)

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The feedback system works very well. Always check a buyers(and sellers) feedback. Personally, I would never sell or buy an expensive item (laptop) from someone who only had a handfull of feedback; even if they were positive. I like to deal with someone who has proven experience in “ebay commerce”

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You can’t. All you can do is look on Ebay and see how much similar laptops are selling for. Find one that is due to end soon and add it to your “watch” list. Go back when the auction has ended and see what it sold for. Most bids are placed in the final few seconds of an auction, especially for high priced items so you need to wait until auctions finish to see the real selling price not the starting bid.

My advice would be take a good clear photograph (or 2), be descriptive and only offer recorded (registered signed for) delivery option to avoid being scammed by a buyer who claims it hasn’t turned up and demands a refund.

Put a lowish starting bid to encourage interest and a reasonable reserve so it doesn’t sell for too low a price if you only have 1 or 2 bids. Use a 5 day auction format. There are hundreds of laptops for sale, you will be at the end of a very very long list so don’t panic if you have no bids with a few hours to go. Any sensible eBay buyer does not bid until the end of the auction.
You can try this for know more about eBay selling.

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