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Should I upgrade my iMac G5 to the newer model?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) November 9th, 2009

Should I upgrade my iMac G5 to the newer model? I’m running low on hard drive space, I’d like to have more RAM, and I want a graphics card that can actually play more complicated games like Half-Life 2. From what I’ve heard, I can’t upgrade the graphics card on a G5 iMac, and I can only have 3GB RAM, (what I have right now), and it comes with a much better graphics card. Oh, and I guess the new HD widescreen 27” display looks kind of cool too. :-P

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If you can pay for it. It is a huge upgrade. That must be over three years old.

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Not to be that Windoze guy…..but really, If you want a computer for gaming you can’t really go wrong with a Windows computer for this very reason. They are far more upgradeable and if not upgradeable at least less expensive to replace with a better model.

But if you’ve got the cash, and you are willing to spend it on a new model Mac then more power to you.

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Do you want to use Mac OS?
Then buy an iMac. It would be a huge improvement from an iMac G5.

If not, then you could buy a Dell, HP, or Acer All-in-One PC

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I would. This is a good move because all of the future Apple operating system updates will be Intel only (as is the current version Snow Leopard). not to mention the intense upgrade in hard drive space, processor speed, screen real estate, and graphics. plus you get a magic mouse and who doesn’t want one of those guys

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If you can afford to do so, then yes. If not a PC will do fine

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