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Has anybody else ever been told that curly hair makes you look older?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) November 9th, 2009

I’ve heard this one a couple of times actually. I rarely curl my hair, but when I do, I’m told that I look older, much older, and more mature. I’ve heard this comment towards my sister and to my friends as well. Has anybody ever been told that they look older when they curl their hair as well? Why might this be?

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Naturally curly hair is often seen a juvenile, which is why most with it tend to want to straighten it as they grow older. For some reason, curling straight hair (depending on the type of curl) can make you look older. I don’t know why.

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No – I’ve had the same experience as Facade. I’ve been told that curly hair makes me look younger and that when I straighten it, I look older.

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I agree. Naturally curly hair tends to make you look younger.

My girlfriend has naturally curly hair and a few of my female cousins have lovely curled, auburn locks (Scottish Heritage) and I find that it makes them look younger.

A full head of natural curls.. ah, lovely. :)

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Maybe they’re referring that your hair makes you look older when it’s curled.

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No. I have naturally curly hair and although I think I look older with it curly, no one has ever told me that before.

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I am thinking you are not talking about curly hair, but rather styling with curlers, which is different in my opinion. Loose natural curls make most look younger, but curls made by a curling iron or curlers usually make you look more mature.

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My daughter has curly hair and gets very frustrated because she is finally a senior in high school, but folks still think she is a freshman. In her case it makes her look younger.

However, I suspect it is the style in which one’s hair is curled that affects its effect on your apparent age. Short and tight curls, a la the 1950’s, makes you look older. Long and loose curls make you look younger.

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@Darwin you said it better than me.

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It depends on your age, if your a young teen, it makes you look older if your in your early 30’s it makes you look younger…

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@jdogg, I like that answer, so lurve. haha. I’m 17.

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The cut makes a big difference.

If you get it cut shorter and then perm it to make it look substantial, it starts to look as if you want it out the way – which implies being older.

But if you have long curly hair – letting your freak flag fly – it just makes you look… well great.

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If you get my grandmas perm, you will most definately look younger (don’t really get a curl perm, I was just kidding)...if you want a grown up look (for teens) loosely curl thick hair for a shiny wavy/curly style. Same for older adults too look younger (however I cannot imagine my grandmather with curly flowing hair)

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