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Is it possible to drill out an acrylic item (see details)

Asked by Psychedelic_Zebra (5090points) November 10th, 2009

I just dropped my spider sword cane, and the acrylic handle broke off. I’d like to drill out the end and place a threaded sleeve in it so I could use it as a gear shift knob in my truck. I know of places online that offer acrylic shift knobs with imbedded spiders (and other creatures), but they want $50 or better for them. Since I have the knob already (with the coolest damn spider inside of it) I was wondering if someone with machinist experience knows if this is possible. There is plenty of room in the length of the knob for inserting a threaded sleeve, but I’d like to know if it is possible first.

I know acrylic is pretty brittle, but is there anyway to drill it without it shattering all over the place?

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Sure is, use a sharp bit and maybe instead of sleeving it, use a Tap…Also you may try using a rag to wrap it in and a vise to hold it, you should be able to do this by hand with out a machine or press, even though a press would be more ideal..

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Don’t you just love fluther!

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Drill press and tap?

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Thanks for all your helpful answers. I took the item described to a very good friend of mine, told him what I wanted, he did it just as I wanted, and delivered it to me at work tonight. Best part is, he didn’t charge me a dime, all I have to do is buy the supplies so my wife can make him a mongo batch of chocolate/peanut butter fudge.

Life is good.

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