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Who won the 2008 New Mexico Democratic caucus?

Asked by colog (73points) February 11th, 2008

Almost a full week after the February 5 New Mexico Democratic caucus, 100 percent of the results have still not been reported. Most sources show Hillary Clinton to be slightly ahead but every source shows different results and the race is close enough that the final 1 percent could swing the race to Barack Obama.

In a caucus there are no physical ballots to be counted, so why is it taking so long to tabulate the results? Why are all the media sources reporting different numbers? Any why is there such poor media coverage of this state’s results in a race that is so close?

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NM did not print enough ballots, so voters were given “provisional” ballots which not only have to be counted by hand, but also verified as belonging to individual registered voters. Local news is reporting Hillary ahead by 1000 with 17000 provisional ballots left to be reported. There’s a legal deadline coming up within the next 7 days.

They were dumb not to anticipate a higher turnout.
A similar situation happened in 2004, but the results weren’t material.

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I would add that the results will be even to +2 (in terms of delegates), so it’s not going to affect the gap significantly.

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Clinton by 1709 votes. +1 delegates.

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