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What's a good, healthy, non-perishable breakfast food that I can eat on the go?

Asked by lrk (757points) November 11th, 2009

I’m looking for a vitamin-and-or-protein-packed breakfast food.

I currently eat a pop-tart for breakfast, but I’d rather have something with more vitamins or more energy to start my day.

Fruit is always a good idea, but I can’t always get fresh fruit, and I’d prefer to be able to buy stuff without knowing exactly when I’m going to use it—i.e., something that won’t necessarily go stale.

I’d also prefer something that doesn’t taste “dry.” Also that I can grab and walk out the door with.

Any thoughts?

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Oatmeal is yummy – you can buy it in flavored packets if that makes it more appealing – and you just add hot water (or cold water and then microwave). If you have fresh fruit around you can add it as a topping, and if not a little honey is delish instead. Sometimes I also add slivered almonds or cashews. The honey, oatmeal, and nuts are all nonperishable.

Yogurt also lasts quite a long time in the fridge – close to a month. I love the “Wallaby” brand because it is not sweetened with refined sugar (instead cane juice and fruit juice) but there are tons of other brands of course. I find that a yogurt in the morning provides a lot of lasting energy. If I don’t feel like a flavored yogurt I’ll have plain with some granola on top. Again, if you do have fresh fruit in the house you can add it too. Yum!

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Cereal bars! There’s a huge variety and some are even enhanced with protein and vitamins.

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Granola bars. I shove them into my backpack and eat them for whatever meals I need to when I’m super busy.

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I’ve been enjoying these Breakfast Cookies lately:

I also do a lot of the energy/nutrition bars as well.

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Better yet: make your own granola when you have a while and season it to your liking.

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Slim fast or SpecialK20 shake. Special K also has a good breakfast bar. Fiber 1 bars are good too.

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@joehobbes ; those look good but 310 calories in one cookie??? Yikes!

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@Judi Yeah, it’s a bit more than my energy bars, but they are a decent size and pretty good. And it’s pretty much all “healthy” stuff.

I’ll probably have them every other day….

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I’d say a breakfast bar that has all of these: whole grains, fiber, healthy nuts like almonds or walnuts, maybe dark chocolate for added flavor. My favorite is Fiber Plus Antioxidant, dark chocolate and almond flavor. Try to stay away from peanut-covered and/or peanut-flavored bars, because peanuts, while they provide protein, are fattier than nuts like almonds or walnuts. Also, a good idea could be a whole grain waffle with a smear of light cream cheese or fruit preserves on it. Wrap it in a napkin and eat it like a sandwich on your way out the door.

You also should start your day with some fruit, and dried fruit is great for on the go. Fresh apples and bananas are good to eat on the go also, but they can get messy. Dried fruits don’t get messy, and you can buy them in a bag or canister, so it’s easy to carry them and pop a few into your mouth on your way to work, etc., and there are TONS of options for you to choose from. My favorite is dried apricots because they are thick enough to still be nice and mushy on the inside, so it doesn’t taste too dry.

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Make your own gorp; nuts, seeds, dry health food cereal (Golean, for example) dark chocolate quality bars, broken into small pieces, dried fruits.

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I love Fiber One bars. Almost every flavor is good (I personally don’t care for the strawberry one but my mother likes it. I also don’t care for the peanut butter one because I don’t like peanut butter much, but my little brother likes it.) especially the apple one. They’re around 100 calories each, about 2 grams of fat, and 9 grams of fiber. 2 Weight Watchers points.

The apple one, as opposed to the others, is kind of gooey which I love and won’t taste dry like you would think they would.

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Cliff bar. Blueberry or carrot cake flavor.

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Twinkies. Those things would survive a nuclear war.

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You could have some kind of cereal bar and an innocent smoothie (mmmm…)

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I wouldn’t trust ALL smoothies to be innocent!

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homemade granola bars – easier than it sounds!

4 tablespoons of honey
4 tablespoons of peanut butter
melt them on the stove to a smooth mixture

1 cup of rolled oats
and whatever else you want! i.e. sesame seeds, almonds, raisins,
cranberries and chocolate chips or carob chips

add rolled oats mixture to heated mixture, and mush it into a baking pan till it’s flat.
bake at 190degrees Farenheit for 15 minutes or until browned

let cool for 10 minutes, cut, let cool completely before removing from tin.

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by the way, sometimes when I have made the granola bars it doesn’t quite solidify into a full bar and instead becomes more like granola chunks…still delicious to grab for a treat or for a breakfast-on-the-go.

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Yogurt granola bars, protein bars, oatmeal bars, theres tons of stuff out there.

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