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Does anyone know a good DJ Mixing program, A good one?

Asked by Resistka (160points) November 12th, 2009

I want to remix some of my friend’s songs but my old program expired anyone know of a really good one?

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For remixing, you might try GarageBand (Mac only) or Ableton Live. Ableton is awesome, but definitely has a learning curve.

And, just to clarify, you’re talking about remixing / producing music, not simply mixing two tracks back and forth via software, like you can do with a hardware mixer?

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Virtual DJ. Now you wont have to resort to an expensive mac to mix tracks.

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I second the Virtual Dj call, you can also buy and use emulated time coded vinyl with Virtual Dj if you ever want to learn how to spin records.

If your talking about actually remixing tracks then you need to look into a Beginners Sequencer/DAW a good place to start would be Cubase or Logic, Abletons audio engine isn’t as good for mixdowns, it is great for live mixes though…

Btw, i gotta ask, what kind of tunes are you wanting to remix? maybe i could help, i produce music :)

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Cubase and Logic are not “beginners” software – they take (a lot of ) time and patience to learn.

If your friend wrote/produced the songs, what software did they use?

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@the100thmonkey Well i would have suggested Reason which is about as basic as it gets, but it’s not to good for remixing and the sound engine is garbage, you gotta start some where…

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For DJ mixing, Virtual DJ is an option, as is M-Audio Torq.

For remixing tracks, which is what is sounds like you’re asking, then you need more music production / sequencing software. There are the ones listed above, and also packages like Fruity Loops, Reason, etc. Although for remixing I would start with a package that’s more about sequencing.

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Ableton or Cubase

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Seconded on FL studio for PC, Logic express on Mac. Both are entry-level an feature rich…depends on your platform.

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@OnaBoat I agree, you are going to want something that is easier to work with Audio samples, with Reason you got two samplers but the sound quality just is not there, plus Reason is not a Master Daw but rather a slave. I forgot about FL, it would be another good place to start also.

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Also, it may be worth the time to learn a good DAW, if you actually get into producing your going to want GOOD SOUND, i can’t stand a shitty mixdown…

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@OnaBoat I heard the newer version of Torque is much better than the older one, i happen to like M-Audio stuff, i have a M-Audio 49 Axiom MIDI controller…

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@OutOfTheBlue Thanks, you taught me something with your DAW comment:
So, when you say “learn” DAW, what do you mean? Also, what do you think of Audacity?

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@OnaBoat Well, different DAWS have different work flows if that makes sense, one persons “Work Flow” may be faster or slower in certain DAWS, it really all boils down to the GUI, what you feel comfortable working in.

The learning curve is really just learning the GUI, once you figure out how to work your way around the sequencer/daw then your going to want to learn how to mix down and master properly. Which is where the “Qaulity” of the sound comes from, most people can load up a bunch of samples and get them all in time with “Quantize”, but to have them sound good is another story…

Also depends on the Genre of music and how you are working, rather it be samples, midi, live recording, there are a lot of variables in music production..

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Ooh…stay away from Audacity! Not really a remix platform so much as a simple multitrack digital recorder.

For all the shite Mac OS and Apple get, Logic as a total package (even GarageBand which is included with new Macs) is pro-level and fairly intuitive, and as OutOfTheBlue states “master quality.” Logic and GarageBand include loops, MIDI and virtual synths plus the editing and mixing tools to do the job right, all in one package. Logic Express runs the price of most of the competitors mentioned and you don’t need to buy loops or extra synths, just a MIDI controller if you care to program beats manually (over mouse clicks).

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Most definitely delete/uninstall Audacity, look into Sony Sound Forge or Cool Edit Pro which i think is owned by Adobe now, i myself run PC so i like using Cubase, but i have been Djing for 10 years and producing for a couple years now so i am comfortable working in Cubase. I started out in Reason and found it very limiting within a few months, to be honest Reason is really just a glorafied VST, as you can not run plugins, it runs on all internal apps and it takes a LOT and i mean a LOT of work to get a good mixdown in Reason.

sndfreQ sounds like he is a MAC user so if you are using a MAC then i suggest giving his advice a go. If it where up to me i would buy a MAC for just producing but i can’t afford one, i bought to many Hardware Synths and Drum Machines a few years ago LOL!!

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@OutOfTheBlue :)

@Resistka if you’re on PC, Cool Edit Pro is now Adobe Audition, comes with loops, similarly outfitted as Logic/Cubase, etc., $399 Mac/Win

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I would agree with @OnaBoat the ableto is right up the top! I have many close friends who are well respected djs in our city/state and they all swear by the program. From what I gather, it does take a little while to get your head around the program – getting used to all the features and settings etc. but they all use it.

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