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Government program identification (please read).

Asked by PandoraBoxx (18011points) November 20th, 2009

I was on a major interstate today, and was passed by what looked like a solid white school bus. The bus had US Government license plates. On the back bumper of the bus was a logo—a gold shield with a capital I on it, half white/half black. When I passed the bus and looked in my rear view mirror, the same shield appeared in metal relief on the front of the bus.

Has anyone ever seen a bus like this before?

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Perhaps Immigration? Which state do you live in?

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I’d tell you, but the CIA will [REDACTED].

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It may be a bus to transport prisoners. If you Google for ‘prison bus’ images, most are white.

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My first thought was army, because there is a base nearby but the bus was not on a road coming from or heading towards that direction. And I thought about prison, that perhaps it was transporting people from one state to another state’s prison. There was no identification on the bus that it contained prisoners, and the windows did not appear to have any type of security on them. The bus looked like this one but without the “Blue Bird” identification at the front. It had a small metal shield emblem affixed to the front, the shield with the “I” that was on the larger decal on the back bumper of the bus.

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Are you sure it isn’t the logo for the International Corporation, which is the remnant of International Harvester that now belongs to Navistar and that makes school-type buses? That could be an excellent reason why the bus didn’t say “Blue Bird” on it.

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I am curious, @PandoraBoxx was it indee this logo?
I may have made a joke above, but I am curious whether you had your question answered.

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@whitenoise, YES!!!!! That’s it. I wouldn’t have thought much of it, but the US Government license plate, the decal on the back bumper, and no other markings on the vehicle made it look really odd.

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Well… in that case… @Darwin made the right call!

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Thank you both! Too many episodes of X-Files! Phew!

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It could still have been from some unnamed and peculiar government agency, especially since it was unmarked. And very clean and newly painted. You weren’t somewhere in Maine, were you, sort of near Castle Rock?

Oops! I’ve been reading too much of “Under the Dome,” King’s latest 1000-page opus (and that’s with fairly small type).

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Nope, Kentucky. Land of multiple military bases, and counties with nothing in them.

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Nothing? Are you sure? That’s what they say about Area 51, too, and they don’t even have stills out there.

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Darwin, LOL! Maybe you have something there. Lots of guys running around in jeeps with guns, and property that’s “Posted No Trespassing.”

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