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Are all those those rats lining up to congo for augustlan? Holy s***, Batman! I believe she's accumulated 20K lurve!

Asked by AstroChuck (37566points) November 20th, 2009

C’mon, you know she’s your favorite. So let’s show our community manager just how much we lurve her. Auggie Doggie is now a full-fledged member of the very exclusive Club 20K and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. Three cheers for Admiral Lisa!

Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!

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WOW, congrats, lady!! A well-deserved accomplishment to one of my favorite jellies!

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Augustlan, your answers are some of the most well-thought out and insightful on this site. You have great things to say. Congratulations!

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woah! quite a feat! 3 cheers for the red white and blue!

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Three cheers for a wonderful and thoughtful person. Congo!

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Wow! Congrats! We TOTALLY lurve you!!!

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Hip! Hip! Hooray for your 20K Augustlan!

Here is your Pancake Trophy!

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Oh, hooray! Yay! 20K! ::goes into Snoopy dance:: You’re one of the main reasons why Fluther is such a great place to be, augustlan, and we totally appreciate you!

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Awesome! congrats!!!! (although, I hope to live to see astrochuck hitting 50k lrv)

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Yay! You are one of the best things about this site, and the world. Much love and lurve.

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hey!!! i just passed the 4k mark and I got nothing???? :(........ just kidding, but as one of the oldest memebers I should get something jejeje

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It’s about time.
She does so much for this place and asks for nothing in return.

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Chuckie let the cat out of the bag; I think you are in fact everyone’s favorite :) I really think you are one of the kindest, friendliest, funniest, more compassionate people on the planet and we are so lucky to have you here. Congrats on the 20k, and here’s to 20 more!

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You deserve 30K lurve for being such a great person, Auggie!!!


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Good lord @augustlan, definitely a job well done!!! You were one of the first, if not “the” first added to my fluther. I’ve always loved your answers and advice since my first days here, and this place most certainly would not be that same with out your presence! Lots and lots of Lurve!!!!!

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@augustlan You blow us out of the water with your jelly-crafted sanity.

Please accept this modest gift of jelly-encrusted (but otherwise pristine) FD20,000 .

Enjoy your night off at the coral reefer <sniff-sniff>.

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Augustlan was the first person to welcome me to Fluther.
A well deserved 20K. Congratulations!!!

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I one day hope to obtain such an amazing feat. Congratulations augustlan!

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Holy Minolta! That is a serious truckload of lurve.

Muchos Felicidades!

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And i thought getting to 5,000 was going to be a long haul… very nice!

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OK, so someone typed faster than me. @augustlan will probably be the one to moderate out the question I asked for 20K
Happy day and happy celebration @augustlan !!!!

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This rat’s shakin’ his money maker!

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Can we still have pancakes?

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A+ !!

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@Judi I keep my suggestion to find “the cake guy” for the celebration….

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20K? Wow. Just how much time do you spend on here?

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Yay!! Congrats Auggie!!! Thanks for all you do around here! :)

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OMGOMGOMG!!!! This is great! Oh this is so exciting! Congratulations to my favorite fluther mother!

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Congrats! You’ve always been so helpful to me and for that I say thank you. But also just Congrats!

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Congrats!!!!!! An awesome achievement and an awesome jelly!!

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Very many many congrats and pancakes!!

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Holy crap! Nice work, @augustlan ! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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YAYAYAYAYYA!!! Cupcakes and West Fuckin’ Virginia shirts for ALLLL!!!! XD

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What the fluther?! Amazing work augustlan!

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Congratulations and celebrations! I was just reading about your ambitions in the other thread. Empress of the world is one step closer, hope you like it in the Utopia that is the 20k Castle :p

If only all of us would be half as engaging, patient and pleasant to hang out with as you. Thank you for putting up with us, and being such a big part of keeping Fluther up for us!

edit: @erichw1504 Do you really need to congratulate Augustlan 4 times? If you want Lurve that badly, maybe you should start a question and ask for it directly.

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I salute you, Admiral augustlan! May you have another great 20,000 lurves.

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@augustlan ~ you’re like totally bitchen, and now this just proves it!!

I don’t know how I would have gotten through this past August with your help @augustlan, and I know I am not alone when I say that your wisdom, kindness, and humor astound me. You are one of my favorite jellies on here, and I’m so glad I got to meet you ;)

Now I say a congraulatory 20K fiesta is in order… so just let me know when you’re up to another meet-up :)

Congratulations and may you have a pancake-filled 20K Day!

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Thank you jellies! I couldn’t have done it without you. :D

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Good for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. :D

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Thanks for all your help! Keep on truckin’!

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Keep on lurvin’!

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Yay! Way to keep the loft full!

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Oh, @augustlan, if anyone deserves tons of lurve, it’s you!! Congratulations!

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Thanks for doing what you do, and congrats!

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Congrats, Augustlan…of all the jellies I’ve met on fluther that weren’t folks, you’re the only one who is also my FaceBook friend…you get to see more of my life and my family and thank you! thank you for sharing yourself with me.

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@augustlan – I want to commemorate this day with your very own 20K Wordle

Congrats again!

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<3 Congrats! You’re one of the first people I really connected with around here, and I love you to pieces. Thanks for being you. :D

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@fireside: Oh, I have to say, I love that GREAT ANSWER wordles the biggest. I mean, I get why, but I still love it.

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You were the first person to reach out to me when I joined. I love ya girlie! Congrats! :D

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Congrats Augustlan! This is so deserved!

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Shoot. Missed out on this one

Must say, that Ausgustlan is my favorite jelly. From the very beginning, she’s always offered great advice, given insightful answers, has been kind, fair, honest and is just so dang cool.

To me, she’s the grand poobah as far as Jellies go.

Congrats, Auggie!!!!!

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Congratulations to one of the kindest, most giving people on Fluther. I wish you lived next door to me!

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@augustlan was one of the reasons I kept coming back to this site. She is very wise, sweet, and funny. Thanks for all your advice and keep it coming! Congrats!!

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20,000 cheers for a job well done.

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La coo coo raTCHA!!!! La coo coo raTCHA!!!! La coo coo raTCHA!!!! (Madly shaking maracas)

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@AstroChuck‘s name is almost as big as @augustlan in the wordle…

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Yay Augustlan! I knew it wouldn’t take long ;) You’re one of the nicest, most helpful people on this site!

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Holy Cannolis!!

One of my all-time favorite Jellies hits the big time – and hot damn does she deserve it!

@augustlan has been an unbelievable Fluther-friend to many and has taken time out of her life to give me some of the best advice I’ve ever received. I am extremely lucky to know her both here and on Facebook – and all of us Jellies are blessed to have aboard this big ole’ mother-ship of lurve.

Congratulations @augustlan!!

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Oh, sweetie! There is a special room in the lurve palace waiting for you. Congratulations, friend @augustlan.

Hundreds of jellies are witty and smart, and many more are friendly and funny and sincere. But only a few are known most of all for their kindness and heart, and you are queen among them.

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My first mentor (mentorah?) on Fluther! No one deletes my inflammatory posts more sweetly! Long may she wave!

Someone needs to teach @AstroChuck how to spell “shit.”

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Congratulations @augustlan !!!

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Late to the party but my fav Party Mod has entered the CASTLE!!!!!!!

Way to go @augustlan ! I am so very very happy at this accomplishment. Your compassion, wisdom and wit are a cornerstone of Fluther!




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Ooh, how exciting! You are soooo deserving. Congrats to you for your amazing accomplishment, Auggie! xoxo!

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CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!! Well deserved 20k loving the party atmosphere!!!

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Way to go Auggie!!!!!! We’ve been waiting for this party for a while now!
Time to pass around the drinks!

Very well deserved. You lady are an amazing person/jelly/friend and online personality. We lurve you!

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Congratulations to a worderful person. You were one of the first to welcome me. You treated me as a member, not just a n00b. I really appreciated that :)
Much love.

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Augustlan you are one of the best even though we give you a hard time sometimes.

Kind, sweet, thoughtful and lively – who could ask for anything more?

Mazel Tov!

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@janbb, what are you, Jewish?

janbb's avatar

Funny, I don’t look Jewish.

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Horray for the manager of K-Mart!!

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How do I find out how many lurve I have? I don’t think I have any. Sniffles.

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@Val123, you’re doing pretty well. You have a whopping 3167!

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@jmah O! O! 3172! it just the points that you accumulate for asking/answering questions?

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@Val123 “points that you accumulate for asking/answering questions”= lurve, baby!

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@jmah Ah. Yes. Thanks!

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holy cow, @augustlan now I am really sorry to be so late, I really wanted to be here for your party! Forgive me, but congratulations and I hope you had a wonderful time. It looks as if there is still some partying going on so I think I will stick around for a while!

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CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!! You are an inspiration Augustlan!

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@rooeytoo, you are never late. You are always absolutely punctual on rooeytoo time. If you didn’t come along when you do, the party might be over already, but you give it a boost of new energy. I don’t think you should ever apologize again!

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You can’t be late for 10k and 20k parties, since each one only happens once per person.

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@Jeruba – Thank you, I always feel a little embarrassed to show up late, but you are correct, down under, I am right on schedule!!!

Party on mates!!!

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@augustian. Congrats and thanks for the direction! :-)

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Congrates! :D I hope you have a fantastic day! :) You are and always will be an amazing jelly! :)

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Terrific! Congrats and Way to Go!

is there ice cream and cake?

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Congrats, Auggie – this place would not be the same without you! Hooray for 20k!

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You are a wonderful woman and you kick ass for a mod! Very well deserved, I love you!

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WOW! Congrats :)

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Harrah! Harrah! Everyone on your feet and tip a glass!
Here is to one of the best of the bunch!

I said bunch because I think a lot of people here are bananas

Congradulations Augustlan!

(passes out)

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@filmfann WAIT!! Where’s my banana??!! I promise I’ll give it to @augustlan. Or not. I wanna go to Kings X. I am SO starving!

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@Tink1113 My dad’s name was Alfred Joseph. When he was a kid, in Texas, his momma would yell, “Allie Joe!! Time for dinner!” Well, my son was the only grandson in the entire family, so I had to name him after both of his grandfathers (husband’s fathers name was August), as well as slip in the name I wanted. Anyway, his middle name(s) is (are) “August Joesph.” My dad used to call him “Auggie Joe” when he was a baby!”

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Always an amazing MOD! Mucho lurvo to you!!

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Dada da dada da DA! Dada da dada da DA! Dada da dada da DA! Boom shaka boom shaka boom BOOM! Boom shaka boom shaka boom BOOM!

Conga. Get it? Heehee!

Val123's avatar

However, Robin (who was always the one to say “Holy Whatever”!) NEVER cussed! He would have said, “HOLY POPCORN, BATMAN!!” or “HOLY 20K LURVE, BATMAN!” something like that. See. I know these things. See.

BOOM!! SHAKA @aprilsimnel!

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To my dearest first friend in fluther – a hearty congratulations from me and from the original zen. May you continue to light up the community.

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Aw, man… I totally cried while reading this. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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@Val23 – yes, but there was a movie put out in ‘91, really, really bad B-movie called “Virgin High”, your typical teen sex comedy about a young girl who misbehaves and is sent to a Catholic Girls’ School where of course some randy boys sneak in, and the strict administration doesn’t exactly practice what it preaches. Typical of the humor in this film is when one drunken Priest refers to the character Sister Felicia as Sister Fellatio. The biggest “star” in this movie was none other than Burt Ward (the actor who played Robin in the 1960s Batman TV series, popularizing the “Holy…..” line). In one scene, Ward’s character is witness to a young woman removing her top and in perhaps the most “clever” scene in the entire movie, his character exclaims “Holy headlights!”

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I need to stop missing these things as they happen… Either way, many, many congratulations. You’ve always been a integral part of my fluther life, and I hope you continue to be for a good long time. <3

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When I decided to propose marriage to @sccrowell, Sherry, and got the wild idea to do so right here on fluther, I ran that crazy idea by two women whom I love and respect and whose opinions are more valuable to me than my own. And they both supported the idea and encouraged me to proceed and were correct in their assessments that it would be warmly received, overwhelmingly supported and that everyone would get a kick out of it. And, of course, all of you helped make that proposal a unique part of fluther history (I received the 86th GQ just today).

I wrote those words in my post at sweet @cak ‘s 10K celebration and I guess I should point out, as an update, that just a few hours ago, the proposal and acceptance received GQ #118 and GA #104, respectively, thanks to all of you fine jellies. The “other woman” to whom I had proposed my fluther proposal of marriage to Sherry, was none other than the incomparable @augustlan, who has always provided me, as I’m certain she has to all of you, guidance with kindness and direction that is always reasonable and sensible. And, on many ocassions, she has helped me avoid trouble or has gently tossed me a lifesaver when she has found me flopping around as a fool already in deep, hot water.

I was on hiatus when the amazing @augustlan hit her 10K milestone, but am very pleased to join in her 20K celebration. Congratulations @augustlan….no one is more deserving of the recognition and honors than you, sweet lady. Sending you lots of lurve and love. See ya…..Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther That 118th GQ was mine! I read through your whole proposal at 12 in the morning. It was lovely.

Val123's avatar

@dalepetrie Boy, has Robin sunk to new lows!! Really sad for a super hero! But that’s funny…“Holy Headlights”!

wundayatta's avatar

Ah @augustlan It was almost a year ago exactly that you first greeted me. “Happy Thanksgiving,” you said. But a week later, it seemed our mutual struggle with depression was what started to build our friendship. Perhaps I shouldn’t presume, but on my side, I do consider you one of my first and significant friends of my fluther career. In any case, you told me that you thought CBT was overrated, especially for people like us.

You’ve always been supportive of me, and my efforts to understand what it means to be bipolar. And your thoughts, you once told me, range over just about everything, helping you to have a kind of generalist presence in the idea space we call fluther.

You’ve provided me with personal advice. You’ve checked in on me when I seemed to be flagging. I have been blessed by your friendship, and I honor you for that.

And I also honor you for all the hard work you’ve put into fluther. It takes a lot to earn 20K of lurve. And on top of that, you are a community manager! Your heart, your empathy, the way you care—fluther couldn’t do better! You deserve a rousing round of “hoorahs” at this time. Congratulations, my friend!!!

And if you ever show up in these parts, you can’t go until you’ve let me buy you a beer!

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Congratulations to you!! I finally found the party!!

Val123's avatar

May I ask, for a 20K lurve party, is it customary to give out GA’s to every one who gives a congratulations? Couldn’t help but notice, so I started at the top and handed mine out. It kind of makes me feel like there is confetti flying about in here!

AstroChuck's avatar

@Val123- Don’t forget the question asker. Geesh.

rooeytoo's avatar

There there Chuckie, don’t fret, I just gave you a GQ and a GA. Is that all better now???

augustlan's avatar

@Val123 Yep, all of these parties are lurve fests! :)

Thanks again, everyone… Now I have to go wipe my eyes again.

Val123's avatar

@AstroChuck Of course I didn’t!! I took a gander at that too and went, “Holy GQ, Batman!” and frew my 2 cents in the pot. :)

filmfann's avatar

@AstroChuck Awww, someone feels left out! Gee, you only got, let’s see, 31 Great Questions so far! WTF?

hope there is no trademark on that last part

Val123's avatar

@filmfann you DID give him a GQ!.....???????? Grrrrrr

shrubbery's avatar

GAH! I can’t believe how long it took me to find this. Well, I had to ask someone for the link in the end. Sorry! I don’t know how I missed it.
@augustian kidding, hehe, @augustlan, thankyou for being such a wonderful and caring jelly, always a voice of reason, wisdom, comfort and much more. I always read your answers, even if I can’t be bothered reading any others on the thread because I know you always have something good and helpful to say.
Keep being the beautiful person you are, and congratulations!
Love Ali

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Fashionably late, however here I am…
To wish @augustlan a HAPPY 20k <3!
p.s. You’re amazing! Honestly, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t agree.

jlm11f's avatar

Being a community manager is often frustrating. Yet you handle it with class and no complaints. AND after all that manage to work up to 20k while maintaining site quality. Surely you must be wonderwoman. What in the world is that woman wearing??? Seriously

augustlan's avatar

Ahhahaha… Wonderwoman my ass. :P

forestGeek's avatar

Where is the Falcon??

chyna's avatar

@PnL Oh my gosh, I had forgotten how cheesey that show was!

Dr_C's avatar

The falcon is in the frizzer under the pool in the house of who gives a shit

whatthefluther's avatar

@filmfann….You called? Why yes, of course I gave AC a GQ… was the first thing I did upon arriving at this question.
@Tink1113… Thank you very much. How about some downhill racing? This time, no wheelbarrow. Me in my wheelchair and you in a shopping cart (one with a bum wheel so the cart only wants to make circles)! I’ll meet you at the HOLLYWOOD sign.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

Grisaille's avatar

Welp, seems I’m later than a Thai prostitute one month after the U.S. Navy docks in town, but I extend my congrats, Augustlan.

I’m on a break, but couldn’t resist logging in, just for you. :)

Sorry I missed it!

Tink's avatar

@whatthefluther Heck yes! That would be one narly ride, I’m there!

jonsblond's avatar

@whatthefluther & @Tink1113 I’ve got the wheelbarrow and I will win this race!

Drinks and hot chocolate are on me….literally. :P

Tink's avatar

@jonsblond I’d like to see you try, me and @whatthefluther will spin circles on you :P

cyn's avatar

haha, you guys make me lmfao. Can I be in the wheelbarrow?

Tink's avatar

wheelbarrowers ride with @jonsblond, cart/wheelchairerers ride with me and @whatthefluther.

jonsblond's avatar

@cyndihugs Hop in. WTF and Tink are missing out! I know how to keep the cops away. I also know where to get some serious air!

figbash's avatar

AUGUSTLAN is the best! Congrats, Capital A!!!

Tink's avatar

@jonsblond Jon’s gas doesn’t count as “air” ;)

cyn's avatar

@Tink1113 Have you heard him burp?

Tink's avatar

@cyndihugs No I haven’t. Do I really want to? lol

whatthefluther's avatar

@Tink1113…. @cyndihugs is correct….just catch Jon on any of his radio show live broadcasts and I’m certain he’ll burp for you at least a half a dozen times (he may edit them out on the itunes podcast so you have to catch him live on Friday night, or catch a rerun on ustream). As for @jonsblond ‘s wheelbarrow, if it’s a normal wheelbarrow (one wheel and two skids) I’m going to bet my wheelchair’s pink slip, because we have her beat. But I’m a bit nervous…..@Blondesjon works on a farm, and when not having their way with the animals, farmers like to modify equipment. Ever been to a tractor pull competition? Them farmers know a few tricks and love to show up us city folk. But don’t worry….I’ve repaired the wheel on the shopping cart, and don’t listen to @jonsblond when she tells you that you must ride in the built-in toddler seat. I’m off to go grease my wheels and dig out that pink slip. See ya…..Gary/wtf

Dog's avatar

I am taking bets on the ‘Barrow vs ‘Hot wheels race!

Dr_C's avatar

@whatthefluther I know where to get a “hoveround” supercharger and off-road package… this race is in the bag (I wil however add my considerable weight to @Tink1113 ‘s shopping cart for added speed. I just don’t know how we’re going to stop that thing)... oh well

whatthefluther's avatar

@Dr_C…...I always appreciate the way you think Doc…..yes, the race is on and over! For years I’ve dreamt about modifying my scooter from it’s 4 mph crawl to something that would give me the same exhilaration (or at least some of that exhilaration) as I used to get on any of my motorcycles (and I used to have a garage full of them). As for slowing down the shopping cart after the finish line…..I believe I have an idea that may just work: we grab, say, just a week’s worth of Jon’s “empties” (I’m putting that conservatively at a 12 pack a day, at seven days, so about 84 or maybe a hundred of Milwaukee’s Best aluminum), put them in the cart with you guys (they are very light…..Jon never leaves a drop of even shitty cheap beer), and then you can just toss those out in front of your wheels. They will crush easily, but 84 or more of them ought to slow down that cart significantly. And being crushed, it will be a simple job for Jon to gather them in and haul them to the local recycling center (he won’t need a truck or the mini-van…..he can just put the sack of crushed empties over his back like Santa Claus and ride right over on the tractor). Hey, this has shaped nicely into a West Coast city folk vs Midwest country farmer competition (pay no attention to @cyndihugs arguments that her home in Arizona is “more West Coast” than not…..hell, they don’t even do Daylight Savings Time in “that state”, so we know how “forward thinking” those folk are). See ya….Gary/wtf

mattbrowne's avatar

Awe-inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking, daunting, formidable, grand, impressive, magnificent, majestic, mind-blowing, overwhelming, something else, striking, stunning, stupefying, and wonderful. Did I miss anything?

AstroChuck's avatar

You forgot oversexed.

mattbrowne's avatar

Oh, how could I, you are so right of course. I hope Augustlan will forgive me.

NewZen's avatar

And babeliscious.

MacBean's avatar

@mattbrowne: She will, of course, because she is very forgiving. Which you also forgot to mention. ;)

AstroChuck's avatar

Yeah, Matt. Geesh!

Buttonstc's avatar

I could kick myself for taking a few days off and being late to the party for such a terrific and honored jellies.

You were one of the first to add me to your Fluther before I even knew what it was about ( some guy with a mythical horse avatar was the first :D ) and you have always been so balanced and fair in your Mod duties so you are certainly more than deserving of the respect that I and others hold for you.

Sincere congratulations.

cyn's avatar

@whatthefluther I Live around a campfire now.

marinelife's avatar

Congratulations on joining the rarefied air of the 20k club to my sister of the soul!

We may have met on Fluther, but we would have been friends no matter where or when.

Of course you are at the beginning of the alphabet! You are first in our hearts! You are the best grade!

You are all that everyone has said here about your posts. My favorite is laughing with you, even when it is sometimes laughter through tears.

Fluther on, my friend!

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