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Why is my vision blurry when I wake up in the morning?

Asked by timtrueman (5751points) November 20th, 2009

I’m very curious because I have absurdly good vision except when I wake up (somewhere in the neighborhood of 20/12). I know many others experience blurred vision in the mornings but I’d also like to know if everyone gets it or just a subset of the human population.

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I’ve always assumed everyone got it. I’ve also always assumed it is caused by a thin layer of mucus (ever get the gunk in the corner of your eyes?) I’m think I rub my eyes a bit and the thin layer of mucus goes away and I can see better. Interested to see other responses.

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Yeah I always have a little bit of “gunk” on the edges of my eyes in the morning. Never really thought about where that came from or that it could affect vision. Anyone know what that “gunk” is?

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I always assumed that the muscles that control the lens were very relaxed and slow to respond. My vision also becomes blurry when I’m very tired.

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you eyes are half open… maybe…

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The cornea can thicken during the night because your closed eyelids keep water from evaporating. This excess hydration makes the cornea swell, which makes it refract light differently. Once the eyes have been open awhile, the cornea dries back down to its normal dimension and vision clears up.

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