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How important is respect in your relationships?

Asked by faye (17839points) November 20th, 2009

Feeling especially lonely these last couple of days. I’m trying to stop myself calling my ex. I’m remembering the good times and not recent history. While I believe it would be a mistake, it’s like any attention would be okay. I think respect for each other is one of the most important things.

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How can you have a successful relationship without mutual respect?

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To me respect is extremely important. I definitely could never have any kind of romantic relationship with someone I did not respect. Nor could I have a very healthy friendship with someone for that matter. Sadly, I’m sure many of us have had many working relationships with people we have no respect for whatsoever, but that’s life.

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Mutual respect is the foundation of a good relationship.

Because I respect my SO I think of how my actions will effect him before I act. Because we respect one another we can trust each other even when apart.

Because of mutual respect we both feel safe enough to open our hearts to love one another.

You cannot build a castle on sand and you cannot have a good relationship without respect.

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When I didn’t feel respected then feelings of sexual desire dissipated and I struggled with still having feelings of built up love and care but no more romance.

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If a person does not treat you with respect, the feelings they have for you can not be true love.

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Mutual respect is the foundation of our marriage we are two peas in a pod and she can complete my sentences if she wants to. I am also a little bit afraid of her, but what man isn’t?

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Respect is extremely important. We have to respect each other.

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so, bragging about a lap dance in Mexico- no need for anyone to answer me

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