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Does anyone know where I can buy this tea set?

Asked by bunnygirl50665 (80points) November 21st, 2009

This tea-for-two rabbit themed set is what i’m looking for.
Anyone know where on the internet i can purchase it?

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Here it is. I did a google search on “tea set” +rabbit

It took ( 30 s ).

It is called the “Pour Little Rabbit Tea Set”

“Tea time could never be happier thanks to this feel good tea set! Atop a white ceramic teapot, a little rabbit face watches over your tea as it brews in the included mesh steeper. When you pour your hot drink into the adorable, finely striped blue and red cups, you can almost hear the little guy whistling with delight! As you” pick up the petite circular handle and sip your infusion, you smile happily, because with this super set, life is almost ‘zoo’ good!

I suggest only the b e s t black tea!

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Wow! That sure was quick! I tried googling it, but all I could find were Peter Rabbit themed tea cups. Thanks!!

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