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Do people, in general, have too much information about themselves online?

Asked by gymnastchick729 (1182points) November 22nd, 2009

A lot of people store important personal data online such as credit card numbers, bank account information, and histories of online purchases. All of this make it easy for advertisers to create a profile of you based on previous searches and suggest certain products for you to buy. It also affects people who are interested in health insurance. Would the insurer want to know if their client had recently been searching “symptoms of colon cancer”?

So should atvertisers’ collection of data on Web users be regulated? and Are social networking sites doing enough to protect users’ privacy?

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Heard of facebook?

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Probably…but this is a sign of our times…we are yet to see what kind of a profound impact it will have…that is, we know the internet has had a profound impact but we are yet to see what kind of a backlash there will be from people who will realize they have put too much information out there…

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Way too much

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Like Daloon’s avitar?

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Yes, or the size of my…. er….ah…. cat, yea cat is what I was saying.

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We’re adults here, I believe.

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Some younger folks are too careless about it.

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As far as purchases on line, if you are using an established company, you have about the same chance of getting ripped off as if you used a credit card in their store.

As far as social sites are concerned that is very different. It’s just as easy to google someone or check out facebook as it is to call references. And while the reference will generally be good, the internet will show them drunk, profane and stupid. Toss that resume in the garbage.

Insurance companies used to sic an investigator on questionable claimants. Recently a woman on disability for depression lost her benefit because she posted party pictures on Facebook.

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